Congratulations to New Issuetrak Chief Operations Officer Taylor Ross

We’re excited to announce that Taylor Ross has been promoted to the role of Chief Operations Officer at Issuetrak!

Taylor has been working with the Issuetrak team for nearly ten years. In her time here she’s held a variety of roles in several different departments including sales, HR, and operations. Her dedication and drive, as well as the constant support she offers to the company as a whole, have made her an irreplaceable member of the Issuetrak team.

We sat down with Taylor to discuss her new role.


Walk us through your history with Issuetrak. What roles did you hold before this one?

I started as a Senior Staff Accountant in Finance. Then I moved to Assistant Controller, and then Controller, and then Sales Operations Manager. After that I was promoted to Director of Operations, which is when I first acquired oversight of our Professional Services team. After that, Sales and Marketing were also placed under me, as well as HR. My role changed to Vice President of Operations during the pandemic last year. And now Chief Operations Officer.

What have you been most proud of during your time at Issuetrak? What accomplishments or experiences do you feel have prepared you for this new role? 

My accomplishments would probably be seeing people get promoted or leave the company. When that happens, that means your employee was trained well enough to move on. The next biggest accomplishment would be the user conferences — pulling them off and seeing what it meant to our customers, and having attendees ask to come back again. 

For experiences, I think back to my time in college. I worked five different jobs while playing a college sport. I had to multitask to get everything done. That prepared me for handling many different departments and staying organized.

What are your first steps or goals?

My first steps would be to really develop outbound sales, as well as begin to grow people internally to replace me, so to speak. I want to ensure backups are trained for every role.

What do you plan to accomplish this year?

I would like to see more sales growth moving into 2022. But most importantly I want to continue to develop a customer-first culture here at Issuetrak.

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