Keep visibility on issues from distributor to consumer

Challenges abound for distributors and retail operators, but you can rise to meet them with our intuitive tracking software.


Complex problems, sorted

Inventory management. Equipment upkeep and maintenance. Food storage and shipping requirements. Distribution and logistics are a lot to handle. Why invite more burden using paper forms, spreadsheets, or email to track issues? Manual tracking is both inefficient and costly, especially when critical needs slip through the cracks. Issuetrak fills the gaps, shoring up your workflows and automating the busy work so your teams can focus on the big stuff.

Work smarter

incoming email

Submit from anywhere

Onsite technicians servicing a food locker may not be able to open a laptop and log into an application to report a problem. Our Incoming Email feature allows them to shoot off a quick email from their phone that instantly becomes an actionable ticket in your system.


No issue left behind

Build automation to govern how your tickets are handled, from specifying follow-up intervals to escalation procedures when a ticket goes too long without an update.


Report on what matters

Discover your problem areas ahead of time and stay on top of critical data points when you use custom-built reports. Labor hours, failed delivery attempts, shipment quality, you name it—if you’re tracking it, you can report on it.


Major floral supplier revolutionizes their help desk capabilities

A Texas-based floral greenery company is one of the world’s top two providers of greenery for floral arrangements, shipping their product all over the globe. With 7,800 acres of farms and 1.5 million acres of managed forest land, the company grows, processes, distributes and sells 16 million bunches of greens every year.

With a compact workforce of 70 managers and approximately 300 agricultural workers, the company strives for maximize efficiency. In a move to modernize their IT strategy, the director prioritized finding a tool to organize and track IT help desk requests. Requests overwhelmed their outdated, office-based system. Employees were never sure who to call or whether their problems were close to resolution.

Then they found Issuetrak.

Find out how Issuetrak revolutionizes help desks.


No more bottlenecks

Eliminate roadblocks preventing your teams from getting work done. Use features that increase efficiency, instead.


Auto Assignment

Ensure from the start that problems get into the right hands for quick solutions. Distribute tickets and requests automatically based on their categorization and urgency.


Asset Management

Track computers, software, and non-computer assets like phones, delivery vehicles, shipping containers, etc. Anything your business deems an asset can be created and tracked.



Custom webforms are accessible from anywhere, 24/7, providing a frictionless avenue to receive tickets while still ensuring you get all the details you need.


Task Management

Assign smaller units of work to individuals or groups as needed. Ensure complex issues are addressed consistently and accurately by building task flows with response-based branching.


Happy customers share their stories

"The software is very intuitive and if there is an issue, help is just a phone call or email away. Reports can be easily exported, and the variety of extracting data is endless. Reports are easily exported to Excel where you can manipulate the data in any way possible."
Textiles, 10,001+ employees, used daily for 2+ years

"Issuetrak helps us to communicate with our customers more efficiently. Cost-effective solution compared to the others on the market. It gives us great value for the money - the response time dropped drastically. Now we are able to assist our customers promptly and efficiently. I can track tickets and provide info related to other departments without even having to pick up the phone."
Food & Beverages, 201-500 employees, used daily for 1-2 years

"Issuetrak allows us to track progress and document for the future what we've learned for other team members. It is very easy to learn - I had no experience with it [at first] and became comfortable with it in just a few days. I especially like the Knowledge Base and Recurring Request features."
Consumer Goods, 201-500 employees, used daily for 6-12 months

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