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Data imports, consulting services, training - no matter what you need, our fully in-house customer success team is here to ensure your site continues to make you the hero of your organization.


In-house Professional Services

One of the cornerstones of the Issuetrak Advantage is our Professional Services team. There are no third-party consultants or service contractors here - just seasoned, US-based Issuetrak employees ready to ensure your site does everything you want it to from day one. 



A series of 1:1 sessions between you and Professional Services guides you through every step of your site's implementation. Our goal is to deliver an optimally configured site, so active customer participation is key. Includes admin and staff training.



No challenge is too big or too small. Whatever your needs are, our Professional Services team is here to guide you through every step of the process. Examples include new feature configuration, task workflow guidance, site overhauls, and more. 


Site Audit

Every business changes over time. A site audit ensures your Issuetrak implementation still meets the needs of your business and helps identify areas that may need refinement. Pair with Consulting or Managed Services to go even further. 

up to $400.00

Training - Virtual or Onsite

Engage in full, all-day training that goes in-depth into every aspect of Issuetrak. We'll take the time to ensure everyone walks away with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Whatever your training needs, come ready to learn.


Managed Services

Do you know what you want but lack the time to get it done? Tell us what your site needs and we'll do the work for you. Past examples include requests as small as Issue Template changes to as grand as full site reconfigurations.


New Admin Training

People come and go. Stepping into the role of administrator is a daunting task to undertake alone. Fortunately, our team is here to help guide new Issuetrak site admins through everything they need to hit the ground running.

$400.00 for up to 2 hours of training

Issuetrak Product Support

We're proud to say that our cloud and active on-premises customers experience the very best in customer service. Our technical support agents respond quickly can help perform a variety of site maintenance tasks.

phone support
Phone / remote session

Ask any question - we're happy to help! We can also perform a remote session to guide you towards a solution (with your permission, of course).

Integration and Add-On setup

Trying to configure an add-on or use our API? We'll guide you through the process and even provide examples if needed.

On-premises server migration

Need to migrate a site server? Our support team can confirm if it meets Issuetrak's system requirements and help you move your site to a new web, SQL, or both.

On-premises upgrades

No matter the current version of your Issuetrak site, our support team will guide you through every step of the upgrade process. 

test sites
On-premises test site

A test site is the most effective and convenient way to try new configurations and features without disrupting your existing users. Get one now by contacting our support team!

Cloud Services

The cloud admin team can perform a variety of services to assist cloud customers.


Data backup request

Archival backup of attachments or customer databases can be provided on request or an automated schedule.

test site

Test site setup

All Issuetrak Cloud customers are entitled to one production and one test site per purchased Cloud Plan. Data for the test site can be "refreshed" from the current production site at any time upon request.


API activation

Ready to take your cloud Issuetrak site to the next level? Let us know and we can assist you with enabling the API.


Data recovery

Deleted something accidentally? Our support team is here to help.


Bulk data/user changes

Bulk changes to permissions, issue modifications, bulk assignments, and other items can be performed by the cloud admin team for no charge. More complex items may require data services.


Migrate to the cloud

Sit back, relax, and let us host Issuetrak for you. Our cloud services team would be happy to add your site to our cloud environment.


Cloud+ consulting

Dedicated team of cloud engineers to help define and build a Issuetrak custom private cloud to your requirements.


On-premises migration

Want full control over security, connectivity, and data? Our cloud team will assist you with moving your site over to your environment.


Data Services

Our data services team can perform a variety of data-related tasks for you.

$200.00 / hour
object import

Entities import

Import users, organizations, locations, or departments in bulk.


Issues import

Interested in importing issues from another system? Our Data Services team can help.


Issue types data import

Want to add or update existing issue types and subtypes? No problem!


Non-PC asset data import

Our data services team will be happy to import non-PC assets for you.


Data modification and Mass updates

Is there something you'd like to update or change in your Issuetrak site in bulk? We are here to help you with your data needs!


Knowledge Base article import

Would you like a knowledge base and would like it now? Our data services team can assist you with importing Knowledge Base articles into Issuetrak.


Projects data import

Is it possible to import projects? The answer is yes! The data services we offer can take care of it for you.


Email subscription import

Would you like to add, edit, or mass update your users' email subscriptions? Our data services have a solution for you!


Billing module related data import

Our data services make it easy to populate your billing module. It shouldn't be complicated, right?

new-cust-object import

New customer initial entity import

Are you new to Issuetrak? Welcome! We are here to help with any initial entity import needs for free!

Pricing varies

New customer initial issue import

Our data services team is here to assist our new customers by importing issues from other software.

Pricing varies


From standard to custom, Issuetrak webforms are a great way to allow your customers to submit tickets with ease.


Standard webform implementation

The standard Issuetrak webform is an eight field webform that always maps to the same fields in your site. This budget-friendly option is perfect if you're looking for a basic webform with straightforward capabilities. Fast delivery with just a few details.

Implementation fee: $1000.00 
Hosting fee: $500/year

Custom webform implementation

Are you interested in having a webform customized to your preferences? You got it! Our webform support team is happy to help you create a webform that meets your specifications and collects all the information your team needs.

Implementation fee: $1000.00+
Hosting fee: $500+/year

Webform modification

Do you need to make any changes to your webform? We're here to help, so don't hesitate to contact the webform support team!



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