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School districts and universities all have different needs. Issuetrak gives you the flexibility to handle it all, from complaint management to issue tracking.

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Your K-12 Issue Tracking Solution

Transportation departments. Remote learning. COVID case tracking. IT help desks. Maintenance requests. Issuetrak can do it all. We deliver an intuitive solution to help you transform your strategic plan from good to great in any department - or all of them.

checkmark1Improve transparency and increase community engagement

checkmark1Digitize paper issue tracking

checkmark1Log, categorize and prioritize issues for speedy resolution

checkmark1Coordinate and define best practices

checkmark1Meet local, state and federal compliance requirements

checkmark1Track Chromebooks and other equipment via asset management

Meet the demands of Higher Education

Every higher-learning institution has to meet standards and compliance requirements. Our platform provides tools and capabilities that make it easy to meet those demands. With Issuetrak, you’ll deliver the quality learning experience your current and prospective students are looking for. 

checkmark1Automate important workflows according to different departmental needs

checkmark1Store incidents, requests, and complaints in a central, secure data repository and generate reports on this data to satisfy compliance needs

checkmark1Step-by-step entry criteria ensures that all information is entered appropriately

checkmark1Use dashboards to allow authorized individuals at different levels to monitor a ticket's progress, from specific items to a status review of the entire institution

checkmark1Ensure easy staff transitions by documenting processes, forms, and more in the Knowledge Base


Track and resolve the issues that inhibit remote learning

Online or in the classroom, Issuetrak lets you manage equipment requests, technical issues, and more, even from miles away.

checkmark1Respond quickly to assist students and teachers via chat integration

checkmark1Communicate easily with teammates, even while working remotely

checkmark1Work faster with automation tools and assigned tasks

checkmark1Get your site up and running as fast as you need it


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Take your schools to the next level of efficiency

complaint management

Complaint Management

Monitor and quickly resolve complaints from students, parents, teachers and staff including bus and transportation issues, harassment and bullying and incident reporting.


IT Help Desk

Centralize your ticket tracking and prioritize issues to address everything from printer cartridge replacements to software updates.


Facility Issue Tracking

Submit facility and maintenance concerns via mobile, email, and webform. Auto-assign requests and tasks to expedite and streamline the process.


Application Tracking

Track Human Resource requests from school administrators and hiring authorities. Maintain documentation for compliance and hassle-free auditing.


Improvement Tracking

Access community feedback and reporting insights in one place. Manage risk via detailed reporting. Use tasks to assign responsibilities across teams.


Issue Tracking

Customize templates for faster and easier issue submission. Automatically escalate issues and track current and past issues with reports.

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See how Issuetrak handles school transportation incident management


Issuetrak’s Education Customers

Our education customers are located coast to coast and use Issuetrak for everything from audit tracking to transportation complaint management. Check out our featured customer stories to learn more.


Orange County Public Schools

"Issuetrak has been easy for us to use and deploy. We were able to create our own ticketing system without relying on IT support. We have found it to be customizable and meet our needs."

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Newport News Public Schools

"For school district transportation issue and complaint tracking, Issuetrak proves to be Newport News's most effective solution.”

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Auburn University

“Customer service is the best. [Support team members] respond promptly and will work through any problem or concern you have with professionalism.”

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