Product & Features Overview

Our software provides the tools to optimize your team's workflow, automate requests, and expedite solutions.


  Help desks of all sizes
  Complaint management tracking
  Service desks and service request tracking
  Customer support operations
  Facilities and maintenance request tracking
  And so much more!

Omnichannel Issue Generation


Direct Submission

Directly submit issues and tickets via the product. Available to agents and users.


Use monitored inboxes to automatically generate or update issues.


Automatically create issues based on chat logs.

Custom Webforms

Webforms make ticket creation easy for your users, ensuring you get the exact data points you need. 



Build on your existing processes using API V1 to create issues.

Issue Management


custom forms
Custom Forms

Choose and arrange your fields to gather relevant and actionable information.


Issue templates save you time by pre-filling fields and text boxes.


Categorize and organize your issues by Issue Type, Class, Priority, and Severity.

status and substatus
Status and Substatus

Know what's going on with your issues at a glance and use substatuses to fire automations. 

user defined fields
User Defined Fields

Create your own custom fields across a variety of data types.

mass updates
Mass Updates

Update several issues at once, either through the Issue Hub or via the mass update screen.

global issues
Global Issues

Join related issues together to unify updates and messaging. 

scheduled issues
Scheduled Issues

Set a schedule for recurring issues, like routine maintenance or reviews.


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Inspired by organizational psychology, our platform is designed to work like people do and to enhance their daily productivity.

Our automation features fill in gaps and relieve burdens, allowing your team to focus more on your customers and less on the minutiae of assignments, notifications, etc.

task management
Task Management

Assign tasks to users and groups so you can cross off your to-do list with confidence, speed, and precision every time.

Automatically update your issues in a variety of ways after defined criteria are met.
substatus rules
Substatus rules

Define criteria that automatically update an issue's substatus or pauses the system clock.


Generate event-based notifications (updates, status changes, etc.) for your issues.

Service Level Agreements

Specify terms that trigger automatic email reminders and alerts when issues fall out of compliance.

auto assignments
Auto Assignments and Round Robin

Automatically distribute issues to users or groups based on a variety of criteria. Use Round Robin groups to further disperse issues. 




Tailor the Issuetrak experience based on your organization. Examples include uploading logos, modifying site colors, editing notification templates, and modifying the home screen.

At the individual level, you can enable dark mode, select your preferred home screen, time zone, and more.

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VP of Compliance

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"I was scared of the learning curve, but your Help Center and Professional Services were so clear."

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issue hub and dashboard panels
Issue Hub and Dashboard Panels

Build custom views of open issues using the Issue Hub and view at-a-glance data points using the Dashboard.

scheduled reports
Scheduled Reports

Save precious time and update stakeholders and teammates as often as you want, the way you want.

Custom Reports

Select your fields and filter data to show only the information you need. Export to a variety of formats. 

Knowledge Base



Categorize your articles for effortless navigation.

privacy controls
Privacy Controls

Restrict sensitive articles and categories to specific users.

create from issues
Create from Issues

Save time by creating new articles from issues.


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Security & Visibility


security & prevention
Security & Prevention
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection.
  • Encrypted UserIDs in HTTP Requests (POST).
  • Deployments utilizing SSL/TLS have a URL rewrite deployed for redirecting HTTP traffic to the proper HTTPS binding.
  • And much more...
Identity Management

Decide how your users access your site with a variety of authentication options, including LDAP, Active Directory Federation Services, Azure AD, and OAuth 2.0 / OIDC.

  • One Click Single Sign-On for faster, more secure login.
  • Multi-factor Authentication to satisfy your team’s security needs.
User Access Control
User Access Control
  • Roles and permissions with more than 55 permissions focused on access control.
  • Configuration options to segment access and visibility via Organizations, Departments, or Groups.
  • Private data fields accessible only by permission.
  • Restricted Searching and Reporting capabilities.
  • Customizable Password Policy.
  • And more...
SOC 2 Certified

Compliance with SOC requirements indicates that an organization maintains a high level of information security.

Issuetrak employs strict compliance requirements, tested through on-site audits and independent vendor assessments.




Go beyond the basic feature suite and deliver more capability to you and your customers.

And even more great features


responsive design and mobile support
Responsive Design and Mobile Support

When enabled, access Issuetrak from mobile devices with a minimalist, mobile-first implementation. Additionally, Issuetrak can be accessed in full, from any device, and our responsive design approach ensures that functionality remains at your fingertips, regardless of screen resolution or device size.


With Bookmarks, make any page of the product accessible with one click. Name and sort your bookmarks and expand the bookmark section as you see fit.

entity management
Entity Management

Create, manage, and organize the following entities:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Organizations
  • Locations
  • Departments

Define key elements of a project and associate issues to it. Attach critical documents to projects or view down-to-the-minute statistics on all open projects via the Projects Summary page.

custom record table
Custom Record Table

User-defined tables containing records with up to 50 text fields of reference information can be used to associate just about anything to an issue, such as contact records, parts, contracts, contractors, customers, rooms, etc.

administrative settings and help
Administrative Settings and Help

A quick-to-access settings menu allows admins to easily activate, modify, and review important product features.

The help menu provides context-sensitive help at your fingertips, as well as contact information for Issuetrak's stellar support team.

No words besides WOW. The landing form is amazing. Adding a New Hire Request button to the Submit Issue page - I didn't even think of that. It's brilliant."
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