Issuetrak Product Overview

Our software was built with YOU in mind. Optimize your team's workflow, automate requests, and expedite solutions using versatile help desk software that serves your needs.

Issuetrak is perfect for:

arrowcircleHelp Desks of all sizes

arrowcircleService Desks and service request tracking

arrowcircleCustomer Support operations

arrowcircleComplaint management tracking

arrowcircleAnd so much more!

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Take back control of your operations with the click of a button

Inspired by organizational psychology, our platform is designed to work like people do. When your needs change, the solution changes right along with you.

checkmark1Choose your view in the Issue Hub

checkmark1Automate workflows

checkmark1Manage tasks and meet auditing requirements

checkmark1Control visibility with custom permissions

checkmark1Create actionable insights with the Report Writer

checkmark1Get the right info the first time with user-defined fields.

Generate issues instantly and easily from email

Our Incoming Email feature takes the hassle out of issue generation, letting your employees and customers keep their day-to-day operations flowing. All you need to do is connect your inbox, configure a few options, and let the issues roll in.

clickUse emails to submit issues, whenever and wherever you need to

incomingemailAutomatically convert issues from email, no login needed

addnoteAvoid the hassle of manual updates - just add notes via email reply

consolidateUse notifications from other apps to generate issues in Issuetrak - social media sites, internal applications, chat services, etc.

mailboxCompatible with Google Applications and Microsoft 365

“Issuetrak is definitely a great organizational tool,” Cormier said. “If we relied solely on email, we would lose track of a lot of things.”

Craig Cormier, IT Manager

Must-have features for any help desk

While each help desk has unique needs and serves unique customers, we have features everyone can take advantage of.


Knowledge Base

Provide users with a searchable Knowledge Base filled with relevant information. Create FAQs, how-to instructions, and host important files such as policies and procedures and product/service information.

  • Categorize your articles to ease navigation
  • Restrict sensitive articles and categories to specific users
  • Create new articles from issues.

Round Robin Issue Assignment

Our Round Robin issue assignment feature expands on the existing groups functionality of the product. Using group memberships, the feature can assign issues out to available agents in rotation.

  • Use with Mass Updates and the Issue Hub to make Round Robin assignments en masse.
  • Respects out of office designations to ensure only available agents can receive issues.

Custom software without the custom price tag

Get the information you need, exactly when you need it, with an issue submission experience made by and for your team. We'll get you fully kitted out - all at an affordable price!


Custom Fields

Unlimited user-defined fields capture precise details about your issues.


Label your issues

Use issue types to label your issues for easy reporting.


Issue Forms

Choose and arrange your fields to gather relevant and actionable information.



Issue templates save your time by pre-filling fields and text boxes.

Manage visibility and keep data secure

Keeping your users organized is important, but our entities go further. Multiple entity levels provide granular control over who sees what. With organization memberships, permission settings, and group assignments, we give you the power to decide what issues a user can see, how they're able to interact with them, and who gets notified as work is completed.


Free up time to focus on the bigger picture

Get faster resolutions and greater efficiency with these automations:


Auto-assignments take out the guesswork


Notifications at a glance with substatus rules

Automatic workflows to clean up pipelines
“Issuetrak has really created a great opportunity for our company to automate our workflow without the huge expense of an enterprise database system.”

Cepon-Geier, BakerRipley

Reporting at your fingertips

Run reports, search issues, and see trends over time with intuitive reporting tools.



Keep an eye on it all with a dashboard that sorts your most important data at a glance.

scheduled reports

Scheduled reports

Update stakeholders and teammates as often as you want, the way you want, saving you precious time.

data points

Data aplenty

Select your fields and filter the data to show only the information you need here and now. 

Power and flexibility with fast, secure login

Decide how your users access your site with a variety of authentication options, including LDAP, Active Directory Federation Services, Azure AD, and OAuth 2.0 / OIDC.


One Click Single Sign-On for faster, more secure login


Multi-factor Authentication to satisfy your team’s security needs


Easy migration from LDAP Authentication to select identity management integrations.

Optimization for the win

Our features and enhanced UI/UX boost your productivity by adjusting to your preferences, getting your team to the next level with ease.


Issue Hub

Customize views with data filters and sorting. Perform mass updates on issues with the click of a button.


Task Management

Assign tasks to users and groups so you can cross off your to-do list with confidence, speed, and precision every time.


Bookmark it!

Nestled into the lower left of the main navigation panel, Bookmarks are unique to each user and make any page in the product a one-click jump.


Custom Webforms

Built to your specifications and connected directly to Issuetrak's API, collect all the right data so your team can get to work.



Chat in real time with customers, convert chats to issues using IEM, and allow agents to chat with multiple customers concurrently.


Welcome to the dark side

Available to all users from the My Settings menu, keep eyes healthy and productivity high in dark mode. 

“I looked at other systems and they didn’t have the capabilities we wanted, or I wasn’t comfortable implementing them with our network or using them with day-to-day operations.”

Leigh Kalbli, Technical Services Manager

Good customer service requires consistency and communication

Our features are a great fit for customer support, granting your team the freedom to solve problems while maintaining compliance and customer satisfaction.


Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement is a commitment made to your customers to provide a consistent level of service. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) feature allows you to enter those agreements into Issuetrak and setup alerts and notifications to ensure your team continues to stay in compliance throughout an issue's lifecycle.

  • Create and use severities to describe an issue’s impact to the organization
  • Create service levels based on update response time, coverages, coverage times, etc.
  • Create agreements and associate them to the applicable organization, group, or asset.


As an issue moves from creation to closure, it’s important to keep everyone updated on the details of its progress. This is especially true if your end users are team members who have a hand in the issue resolution process.

  • Issuetrak’s end users can receive notifications not only when an issue gets escalated, but also when other users have added notes to the issue.
  • If your company uses end users to address and complete tickets, there’s an option to notify them upon submission of unassigned issues, ensuring that no issue slips by unnoticed.

Get more functionality

Expand your Issuetrak site's base functionality with modules that align with multiple usages, including help desk, change management, and customer service.

audit management

These features sound great, but what should I do next?

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