HappyFox vs. Issuetrak

HappyFox is a simple solution for simple help desks. But no help desk is simple! Discover how Issuetrak simplifies even the most complex help desk processes.

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Why Issuetrak Is The Best Alternative To HappyFox

Issuetrak's software is quick to set up, easy to use, and offers a suite of features that simplify the most complex processes at your help desk. Not to mention, we offer unlimited free users at a fraction of HappyFox's cost.
Not only can you expect feature parity with HappyFox, but you get the same outstanding capability and support for both on-premises and cloud offerings at a competitive price

Advantages of Switching to Issuetrak

Both HappyFox and Issuetrak offer similar features - from canned actions, to auto-response smart rules, to omnichannel ticketing - so why pay more when you could have everything you need for less?

  • Affordable Plan With Unlimited Free Users

  • Cloud and On-Premises Flexibility

  • Scalability for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises

  • Wide Feature Access with All Plans


More Users, Better Pricing

Why pay for more agents? Instead, do more with powerful unlimited free users at a fraction of the cost!




HappyFox's base prices are higher. If you go cheaper, you're locked in to 2 to 3-year contracts. 

HappyFox offers Unlimited Agent plans at premium prices. You might be paying for more than you need.

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Issuetrak's lowest-priced Team plan doesn't feature-gate you.  Enjoy wide feature access with our agent-only plans. 
Issuetrak's Support Plan gives you unlimited free users with a wealth of customizable permissions.
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Consistently Rated Customer Satisfaction


Seconds to answer calls


Net Promoter Score

Best Customer Support From The Start To Beyond

HappyFox reserves account management for its highest-tier customers. With Issuetrak, your personal Account Manager works with you from the first call to the end of time. 



Same Great Features, No Matter How You Deploy

HappyFox's cloud-only platform leaves whole industries out in the cold. With Issuetrak, the choice is yours. Keep your data on your servers or host your help desk via Cloud.

On-premises deployment (not offered by HappyFox) grants you all the same features offered in Cloud.  Enjoy the freedom of choosing your deployment plan while benefitting from every feature you need for help desk success!

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Help desks are complex. We help you keep it simple. Get 99% rated support and every feature you need with Issuetrak help desk software.