HappyFox vs. Issuetrak Comparison Guide

Issuetrak Has a Lot in Common with HappyFox—But Provides More Bang for Your Buck

Feature to feature, we’re very similar. So how do we compare?

Issuetrak and HappyFox compare similarly in their mainstay help desk features, both offering:

  • Ticket management to streamline ticket handling
  • Omnichannel support for integration with email, voice, web requests, live chat, etc.
  • Automated ticket routing
  • Live chat support for real-time user assistance
  • Analytics for timely insights and data-driven decision-making.
  • Customizable dashboards for specific user needs
  • API access for smooth integration with other tools and systems

Many SaaS platforms provide these baseline giveaways to ensure your help desk efficiency—so why pay more for a platform like HappyFox to get the same feature satisfaction?

Issuetrak outperforms HappyFox in a number of ways:

  • Our pricing is transparent, comprehensive, and non-exclusive.
  • We are optimized to scale, whether you’re a start up, SMB or large-scale enterprise.
  • We continue to offer both cloud and on-premise solutions, while our competitors pare down to only cloud.
  • Issuetrak has crafted certain features that are not available with other help desk vendors.
  • Our in-house support team continues to be top of the line, beating our competitors at consistent ratings of 99% or above.
Get a help desk system that checks ALL your boxes. ✅
✔️ Effective ticket resolution.
✔️ Unified approach to customer service.
✔️ Support Team efficiency.
✔️ Increased satisfaction.
✔️ Detailed analytics for data-driven decisions. 
✔️ Enhanced Usability. 
✔️ Broad Functionality. 
✔️ Oh, and a free trial!


A Multi-Departmental Tool

“Issuetrak has used the customer's voice to evolve over the last few years. It has made itself more user-friendly, more adaptable, and more relevant to industries that aren't traditional help desks. We have taken those improvements, and have put in place a system the helps us manage the workflow of IT, Engineering, Accounting, Manufacturing, Customer Service and even our sales force. We have been able to create customized tools and screens that consolidate our data in one location. Whether it is requests for engineering change orders, travel documentation and reporting for our field service technicians, customer support of sales quoting, or quote to shipment of customer orders. We seem to find new ways to use it everyday. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say for the price, this gem is amazing.”

HappyFox’s Pricing Structure Leaves You Wanting

Cloud Monthly Pricing and Feature Availability

You get feature parity between Issuetrak and HappyFox, yet HappyFox leaves you paying for more while getting less. Issuetrak is much more affordable in terms of the feature access for the price point.

  • Issuetrak’s $26 cloud monthly agent-based Team plan far outstrips HappyFox’s $39-$99 monthly agent-based plans. 
  • Even Issuetrak’s $77 cloud monthly Support plan offers infinite free users, supplying more helping hands at your support desk.

Learn the Difference: Do You Need Unlimited Paid Agents or Unlimited Free Users?

Why pay for agents? With Issuetrak, your unlimited free users have nearly all the permissions an agent has, giving you incredible value without the extraordinary price tag.

In short, Issuetrak’s $77 cloud monthly free user plan gives you similar perks as HappyFox’s $99 cloud monthly. However, With Issuetrak, you get more than what you pay for.


With over 50 user permissions available, you’ll likely need fewer paid Issuetrak agents than you think. With HappyFox, you’ll have to pay for every permissioned agent you get. 

Read More: Empowered Free Users: What Are They?

We Won’t Force You Into Long-Term Commitments

HappyFox’s Lowest Prices Exclude Important Features Yet Require Long Contracts

Let’s consider this scenario: you are interested in HappyFox’s monthly Unlimited Agent plan. The best deal you can get at $1,499 per month requires a year’s commitment.

Long-term contracts can have their perks. HappyFox offers 10%-25% savings when you commit to one, two, or 3-year plans. 

HappyFox and Issuetrak both offer a lowball plan at a $26 price point—and with Issuetrak, there are no caveats. However, to enjoy this low cost at HappyFox, you must commit to 2 years up-front, or a 3-year subscription. 

With that tenure, you might find yourself stuck with buyer’s regret and a SaaS product unsuitable for your help desk. You need to feel certain of your choice before asking your boss to sign the dotted line on a year’s (or longer) contract.

 Features Available








$26 cloud monthly, no commitment

$26 2-year commitment

$27 3-year commitment

SLA Notifications



24/7 Support



Detailed Reporting and Reporting History



Agent Collision/Ticket Routing




$77 cloud monthly with unlimited free users

$39-$79 cloud, monthly commitment

$99 cloud Enterprise Plus, monthly commitment

Unlimited Users




Large Storage




Account Manager




Task Management




24/7 US-based, In-House Omnichannel Support 




Moreover, HappyFox’s lowest tier excludes access to a number of salient features and only offers them at higher-priced tiers. For instance, modules such as task management and asset management are only available at HappyFox’s enterprise tiers.

Plus, our customer support (available with all plans) is the highest rated out there, so you’ll never feel stranded or forgotten.

Issuetrak takes pride in offering a transparent pricing scheme with monthly or annual payment options. The best part is that Issuetrak’s options include wide feature access and are suited to businesses looking to scale. Issuetrak’s pricing is set up so you can cherry-pick your most-wanted features and really customize the product to suit your organization’s needs. 

HappyFox Lacks Scalability; Issuetrak Supports It

HappyFox is Too Big to Start, Too Small to Scale

Small businesses or startups may find HappyFox less than suitable due to its complexity and pricing. User complaints of HappyFox’s rising costs over the last few years show how difficult it is to meet HappyFox’s financial demands. 

Giants like PCMag praise HappyFox as a comprehensive help desk solution, yet admit “it also remains one of the costliest.”  This doesn’t bode well for smaller businesses who want to stay competitive with larger competitors.

While HappyFox offers a large integration pool, Issuetrak offers affordability and integration capabilities with Zapier, making it an ideal option for small to medium-sized businesses already using applications within Zapier.

On the other hand, users in large enterprises complain that HappyFox, in fact, doesn’t have the adequate functionality to support their growing help desk operations. For instance, users have reported challenges in integrating HappyFox with other business tools, which may limit the software's functionality in a broader tech ecosystem.

"HappyFox Doesn't Support Complexity"

"Our help desk became complex quickly. HappyFox does not support any level of complexity. For example, [there is] no capability of adding fields that have values dependent on others. This has led to very complex form designs. [There is also] no ability to customize the layout of the forms... every field is just thrown down the left side, one after the other." 

"Doesn't Scale, Easy to Break"

"They list some big enterprise clients - I can't see how any of these firms would actually use it beyond a very limited scope. It doesn't scale. Very easy to break - every month I have to double check my reports to make sure they did not export the data in a different layout."

"Big Enterprises Need More Functionality Than HappyFox Can Offer"

"If you were a huge enterprise with several thousand clients and customers to support, you’d simply need more functionality and bells and whistles than HappyFox has to offer."

"Just Good Enough"

"What’s there is useful, but I wouldn't mind being able to customize it more."

Issuetrak Suits Start Ups, Non-Profits, SMBs, Large Enterprises

Issuetrak offers options in its product to be as simple or complex as you need it to be, while answering the most complex needs of any size help desk operation.

Medical Practice, 10,000 employees

"Best ticket system for large enterprises! Easy to use, stable, and highly adopted internally without pressuring staff to use it. It's truly great all around. We have not found a weakness in the product to date."

Aviation & Aerospace, 50 employees

"Issuetrak has saved me thousands of hours. When I installed and implemented it, my boss said it was temporary because he didn't think it could handle what was needed. Nine years later, we're still using the product." 

Medical, 500 employees

"Issuetrak offered us greater flexibility (than other platforms) to manage various cost centers within a single application in the most efficient and usable fashion." 

Food & Beverage, 1000 employees

"Issuetrak's onboarding Team is with you from start to finish. Deployment is a breeze!"

Overall, organizations seeking simple, cost-effective help desk ticketing solutions might find HappyFox’s tool overly robust and expensive. Large organizations will likely want a more robust integration infrastructure than HappyFox can offer.

Issuetrak Offers Flexible Deployment Options 

HappyFox is Cloud-based; Issuetrak Deploys via Cloud and On-Prem

Any number of industries and organizations require on-premises deployments, with some of the most common being:

  • Municipalities/Government bodies
  • Government Contractors
  • Healthcare organizations

Without on-premises deployment, HappyFox leaves these and other industries out in the cold. These industries cannot depend on HappyFox’s cloud offering because they require utmost proprietorship over their data, servers and help desk.

Luckily Issuetrak’s on-premises deployment isn’t going away. With us, you can enjoy leasing or purchasing an on-premises license, and host your help desk data on your own servers now and in future.

Basic Features Reserved Only for HappyFox’s Higher Tiers

Business Intelligence Tools Make HappyFox Stand Apart - Or Do They?

HappyFox offers competitive features at a higher cost. Lower tiers leave a lot to be desired.

HappyFox claims its show-stopping trait lies in its Business Intelligence tools, which provide a pathway to deeper insights from data buried inside a help desk system. 

Yet, HappyFox relegates must-haves like custom dashboards and scheduled reporting to more expensive tiers. According to reviews, their lowest Mighty tier misses out on crucial tools that other help desk systems would consider a basic essential.


5 Issuetrak Features Where HappyFox Falls Short

1. Unlimited Users: Save Money and Get What You Actually Need

Explore options before deciding on HappyFox’s costly Unlimited Agent plan.

If you don’t need every person to log in with the same ticketing permissions, then consider how Issuetrak’s unlimited free users could save you from the skyrocketing prices of HappyFox’s Unlimited Agent plan.


2. A Dedicated Account Manager and Best-In-Class Customer Support

While HappyFox provides Account Management at their most expensive Enterprise Plus tier, Issuetrak promises to be with you the whole way, from discovery to implementation and beyond. 

Few can beat Issuetrak’s 99% satisfaction ratings. According to SelectHub, Issuetrak outranks HappyFox by a long shot:


Moreover, with almost double the Capterra reviews (185 vs. 91), Issuetrak meets or outranks HappyFox in core areas:

The horde of reviews criticizing HappyFox’s long learning curve makes us question the Ease of Use category, where we fall short by only 0.1.

Furthermore, we can buffer our Support Team with a consistently measured NPS Score at 9.7 and above. Not many other help desk vendors can say the same.

3. Issuetrak’s Quick Notes is More Versatile Than HappyFox’s Canned Responses

Issuetrak’s most recent release 16.3 offers Quick Notes, which is similar to HappyFox’s canned responses—yet Quick Notes is more versatile. You can use Quick Notes in everything, from auto-responses to your Knowledge Base. This outstrips HappyFox’s canned responses, which only apply to tickets.

Quick Notes is an agent-only permission, so it is available to you whether you choose our Team or Support plans. (View our pricing page to see the difference.) 

4. Scheduled Issues Support Canned Responses

Issuetrak steps your game up a level with Scheduled Issues—a time-saving feature HappyFox lacks.

With Scheduled Issues, your agents can target and codify commonly recurring problems amongst users. This helps streamline ticketing correspondence so agents can address issues faster and boost overall help desk performance.

5. Deep Reporting Capabilities for All

Users report that HappyFox’s “reporting is very challenging” and that they “wish there were better reporting capabilities.”

Another user commented how HappyFox lacks insights to essential information, such as number of tickets closed, time to close, top performer indicators, and other factors that would help improve team performance. 

Issuetrak offers world class reporting capabilities with visual Dashboard analytics as well as an Issue Hub overview. Our 16.3 release created additional views to target business performance metrics, including:

    • Open/Closed Issue Type Trends 
    • Closed Issue Performance By Agent
    • Closed Issue Performance By Issue Type
    • Closed Issue Quarter Performance By Issue Type (YTD)
    • And more

Our reporting capabilities are part of Issuetrak’s bare-bones structure, and just scratch the surface of what we can offer. 

For all its largesse, HappyFox cannot offer the same.

"I wish more in-depth reporting could be done [with HappyFox]."

Get real-time analytics for insights into support activities and customer interactions for data-driven decision-making.

Issuetrak: Best Alternative to HappyFox

Overall, Issuetrak is a noteworthy alternative to HappyFox for small, medium and large enterprises for its:

  • Wide-ranging user permissions and advanced analytics, making it a preferred choice for larger organizations.
  • Affordability and wide feature access, making it an ideal choice for SMBs who seek a sophisticated help desk operation with room to scale as their business grows.
  • Unlimited free users at an accessible price.
  • Flexibility in cloud or on-premises deployment options, to accommodate a wide net of industries and users.
  • A superior Customer Support team ready to assist you with roadblocks and suggestions.

We give your help desk what matters most.

Quick, simple, and plenty of features. Precise control over every issue. Responsive interface. 99% rated customer support.

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