Issuetrak 16.3: Quick Notes

We’re very excited to kick off a new productive year with the long-awaited Quick Notes! Our 16.3 release also features two new Dashboard views and other security enhancements to ring in the new year. 

Quick Notes offers Issuetrak agents personalization and canned responses to help you optimize your time and the customer experience.

Quick Notes

Now quickly reachable under Tools in the Settings lightbox, you can add new Quick Notes to your message threads.

  • Agents can create personalized messaging and more closely connect with their user base.
  • Under our Quick Notes tool are also Knowledge Base templates for faster, streamlined  self-help documentation.

Personalization Tokens

Personalization tokens—which you can also use in Quick Notes—makes customer correspondence that much easier:

  • Drag and drop personalization tokens for quick, consistent customer service.
  • Hold shift to add multiple personalization tokens.
  • Take your pick from the many token options we’ve provided, or add your own!
  • Quickly add your agent signature for enhanced personalization and professionalism.
  • Rich-text formatting allows for extended personalization, even in a workflow.

You can insert tokens into a standard note directly in an issue. There is also a permissions to allow someone to use tokens, regardless of any visibility controls in place.

Dashboard views

Dashboard continues to offer users data visualization to give everyone—from managers to help desk agents—a bird’s eye view of your ticketing and agent performance.

Several additional new views include: 

  • Open/Closed Issue Type Trends 
  • Closed Issue Performance By Agent
  • Closed Issue Performance By Issue Type
  • Closed Issue Quarter Performance By Issue Type (YTD)

More Convenient Alerts And Upgrade Options

We understand your time is precious. You’ve got a lot on your plate, so to keep you on track, we’ve provided alerts and an easy Download Now button for new releases. 

This way, agents get alerts about the latest version of Issuetrak available, and the Download Now button at the top of your site page is available any time you’re ready to step up to the newest version. 

Of course, you can still email or call our support team to upgrade your site.

Another alert includes better warnings for upcoming license renewals or tracking agent count, so you have one less thing to keep track of. 

See our release notes for more detail on Issuetrak 16.3. 

More to come from Issuetrak

As always, we work hard to deliver you the best product to optimize your help desk process and make life and work that much easier (and even save you more time to devote to your New Year's Resolutions!)

Keep an eye on our upcoming features for 2024 and beyond in our Product Roadmap.

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