Issuetrak 16.4 Quick Notes Attachments and Note Printing

Aside from squashing the usual bugs and improving application performance and security, 16.4 comes with two new features that bring added functionality to notes:

  • Quick Note Attachments
  • Note Printing

Quick Note Attachments

Context is everything, and attachments can make all the difference in clarifying your notes on a ticketed issue!

With our 16.4 release, you can attach items to Quick Notes! Attachments can be previewed, removed, and downloaded at the click of a button. 

Note Printing

Whether for work orders, contracts, billing, or other, we’ve set you up for printing success in 16.4. You’ll now see a print icon to the left of every note on an issue. 

Print one note at a time, complete with all of your rich text formatting, images, and carefully crafted details. 

Another bonus to 16.4 Note Printing: You can alter additional margin settings under System Defaults. (We suggest as a pro-tip that you put letterhead paper in the printer for your polished finish!).    

As always, you can get more detail from our release notes here.

Note to Cloud Customers

You’ll see this update automatically on February 20th after 10 p.m. ET. Test sites will be upgraded February 13th after 8 p.m. ET. 

Of course, just contact Support if you’d like to use the new version sooner.

Note to On-Premises Customers

If you’re ready to take advantage of the full power of Quick Notes and download Issuetrak 16.4,  visit this Knowledge Base article to get the latest version now (Issuetrak Support Site credentials required).

Have questions or comments? You can contact our Support team by calling 757-213-1351 or filling out the form below.

See what’s up and coming at Issuetrak on our Product Roadmap.

Questions or comments? Contact our Support team.

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