Issuetrak Product Roadmap

Building the best software platform is a journey, not a destination. At Issuetrak, we work hard to deliver the features you need while also keeping our eyes on the future. Take a look to see what we're working on next.

The ideas that help our product grow

Our product exists to serve our customers. The ideas that power its growth are a combination of our vision and your feedback.

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New - Quick Notes.

Improved - advanced Issue Hub filtering.

Improved - updates to List UDFs to support multi-select and the ability to display a single-select list as radio buttons.

Improved - Major UI updates for Asset Management & minor UI improvements throughout product.


A patch release focused on bug squashing 🎯.


Building something better!


New - Request additional Agents via the Help > Contact Issuetrak window.

Improved - reactivation of users via Identity Management.


Building something better!


New - License Validation Service.

Improved - Inactivation of table-driven list options for issue-based UDFs.

Improved - Availability of paging buttons at the top and bottom of each Issue Hub view.


Building something better!


Improved - KB UI/UX enhancements, including one-click archiving for articles + other features.

Improved - Security enhancements.


New - Organization fields available on Issue Forms (read-only).

New - License key controls.

New - Test Site deployment.

Improved - Drastically faster upgrades.


Building something better!




:favicon: 13 total releases
🐞 130 bugs squashed
💬 12+ feedback requests implemented


  • Launch of API v2 Phase 1
  • Launch of our Zapier integration's first phase
  • Expansion of the Help Menu
  • Google OAuth for email
  • Office 365 authentication for outgoing email
  • After-hours workflows
  • UI refreshes for Reports, Surveys, and Mobile
  • Identity Management options available with Mobile
  • Launch of the All Restrictions page
  • Launch of TrakAsset
  • Chromebook auditing capabilities in Asset Management
  • MFA via one time password for Issuetrak Authentication


:favicon: 10 total releases
🐞 163 bugs squashed
💬 15+ feedback requests implemented


  • Launch of Issuetrak 14, which included:
    • Collapsible left and right navigation menus
    • Book Marks
    • Improved Settings Menu
    • Overall UI improvements
  • Expansion of Identity Management, including support for Azure AD and OpenID Connect SSO.
  • Support for Office 365 Integration with IEM
  • Dark Mode
  • Organization Memberships
  • Support for integrated security
  • Overall improvements to the Issue Hub, Issues, Pop-up prevalence, and much, much more.


:favicon: 19 total releases
🐞 190 bugs squashed
💬 Over 20 feedback requests implemented


  • Introduction of the Issue Hub:
    • Create Views that display the information you choose for your open issues.
    • Allows admins to preform mass editing tasks of issues direct from the Hub.
  • Introduction of ADFS, AD as a service (AWS, Azure) connectivity, one click logon, and an updated login screen.
  • Round Robin issue assignment.
  • TrakMac for Apple-based asset tracking.
  • Multiple quality of life improvements across the board, including big updates to Issue Templates.
  • Security updates and improved session handling.

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