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Are you overwhelmed by support requests you have little time to delegate, let alone resolve? Support your customers with ease using a software platform that does it for you, taking care of ticket assignment, update notifications, and resolution compliance.


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A customer support platform you can rely on, no matter your size

Controlling the "sprawl" is a challenge faced by every support team. Between emails, voicemails, and text messages, supporting your customers gets overwhelming fast. Issuetrak controls the flood by generating issues via multiple channels, providing one place to house all customer-related communication. Automations kick off from there, with workflows routing issues to the right stakeholders and notifications keeping customers informed of updates and resolutions.

Basic features you expect


Notes and updates

Whether you call them issues, tickets, or requests, Issuetrak keeps all your notes and updates in one central location. Digging through old emails and spreadsheets? No longer! Sifting through 10 stacks of papers and sticky notes to find what you need? Goodbye! Our specially designed platform automatically:

checkmark1Converts emails into support requests

checkmark1Determines issue type and assignees

checkmark1Adds notes from responses and system-generated emails



Notes are important to understanding a request, but sometimes you receive supporting material that can't be typed into a text box. Attachments allow you to keep an issue's relevant material together.

checkmark1Attach supporting data for issues like forms, pictures, files, and more.

checkmark1Enjoy zero limitations on type or quantity

checkmark1Attach items to assets, knowledge base articles, projects, orgs, and user records


Knowledge Base

Empower your users with the information and support they need to resolve their issues. With the Knowledge Base feature, create your own web-based reference area for accessing FAQs, common resolutions, standard policies and procedures, and product and service information.

checkmark1Create KB articles ad hoc or from issues in your system

checkmark1Include special formatting, embedded links, images, and attachments

checkmark1Create various levels of user access to articles

checkmark1Decide who can add, edit, and delete articles


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The features you've been looking for

Omnichannel Feedback

Customers can voice concerns via email, mobile device, or web portal and stay looped in on updates and resolutions.

Workflow and Automation
Automations trigger events based on your issue's current status. Recurring issues open at set intervals and fire additional notifications and tasks.
Service Level Agreements
Our Service Level Agreements feature provides tools to ensure your customer obligations are met and no problem goes unresolved for too long.
Alerts and Notifications

Built-in email notifications, like adding notes, alert issue subscribers whenever users interact with tickets. When a request is closed, subscribed users receive an email with the outcome.

Fingers on the pulse

Issuetrak’s Surveys module enables you to easily generate online surveys, send them to a target audience, and collect and analyze your results. Everything is customizable, from the color of the progress bar to how you divide your questions across pages. 

arrowcircleFind out how your customers feel about the quality of your solutions

arrowcircleLearn what your new hires think about their onboarding experience

arrowcircleDiscover if your latest product launch was a success


Survey_Example 2022-10-26 09_57_49-Surveys - Employee Satisfaction Survey - Work - Microsoft​ Edge

Stay on task

Build out resolutions and delegate actionable tasks across your team with simple or complex branching workflows using Issuetrak’s Task Manager. Give Users, Agents, or Groups accountability—or a nudge—to complete their assigned step within a larger issue.


Everything you need to excel at customer support

“Issuetrak provides our customers a 'one stop shop' for inquiries and requests to [Southwest Power Pool]. They enjoy the ability to submit a request quickly... and see the progress made as their inquiry is resolved.”

Russel Quattlebaum
Southwest Power Pool

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Testimonial: Answer Quest Technologies 

"Issuetrak is cutting 75 percent of the time I used to spend on customer support requests. I get hours back in my week that I can spend on getting new business.”

Technicians love the ability to take care of client issues anywhere—and customers appreciate a faster response time, online access, and immediate notices about status changes. Nothing falls through the cracks when customers receive same-day answers or resolutions.

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