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Nonprofit organizations face a number of challenges in their day-to-day operations. With Issuetrak, you'll keep your cause at the forefront and eliminate inefficiencies from every request and process, delighting your stakeholders.


Evolve beyond paper tracking

Knowing which donor still needs a tax receipt or when the next grant application is due are common challenges for nonprofit organizations. Tracking all of that information flawlessly and securely is difficult enough without having to worry about outdated paper files or obsolete spreadsheets that drain your time with complex training. Issuetrak provides a series of features to handle these burdens for you through automations and more.


Go digital and get unburied from paper issue tracking


Centralize documentation of tasks, requests, and approvals

checkmark1Log, categorize, and prioritize your to-dos and issues


Do more with less

Few nonprofits have soaring budgets and limitless staff. Most operate with small teams where each member wears multiple hats. With such tight constraints, the ideal software platform has features that make five employees feel like twenty.


Auto assignments

Once a request, complaint, or ticket is entered into the system, auto assignment rules ensure it's assigned to the right team member instantly.


Task management

If multiple team members or departments need to get involved with a request (such as IT and resource development joining forces for an onsite event), you can add and distribute tasks and task groups to a ticket, guaranteeing projects fall in the right hands.



Set tickets to automatically update when certain conditions are met so everyone involved with a request stays on top of what's required. Escalate past-due requests to keep items from slipping through the cracks.


3 Common Nonprofit Workflow Issues

Do you work for a nonprofit, or is there one that is near and dear to you? If you answered yes, then you’d know how much workers and volunteers must stretch resources to accomplish their organization’s mission. The industry is often forced to make due with outdated equipment and time-consuming procedures for the sake of conserving hard-earned donated dollars.

Issuetrak can alleviate three common pain-points experienced by non-profits: volunteer management & onboarding, program reports & audits, and the donor recognition process.


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Your system of record

Our system doesn't force you into a box. Through customizable Issue Forms, User Defined fields, the Knowledge Base, and other features to build upon, Issuetrak melds to fit your organization.


Custom forms

Make logging easy. Choose how your issues and tickets are displayed by specifying the field order, field grouping, images, and text.


User Defined Fields (UDFs)

Create and label different types of custom fields based on the terms used by your organization. Donation Amount, Blood Type, Counselor name - the freedom is yours.


The Knowledge Base

Create a repository of documentation, forms, training materials, pamphlets, and more. An ideal way to keep all of your materials in one place.


One stop shop

Rather than having multiple systems storing data from various departments, let Issuetrak serve as a single system record to streamline and store all of your data.


Custom webforms

Use your own webform (or allow us to build one for you) and give your employees, donors, volunteers, or others quick and easy access to submit tickets.


Custom reports

Build and export custom reports with the data you need most. From CSV files to formatted HTML, download a report for one-time use or schedule reports to arrive when you need them.

More than one way to serve

The flexibility of Issuetrak allows nonprofits, big and small, to track more than just their primary mission. Every organization has routine tasks that help keep the lights on—so why not expand Issuetrak’s software to automate those procedures, too?

Help Desk and IT

Keep track of IT requests, complaints, computers, phones, and other organization assets

HR and Training

Onboard employees, track disciplinary action, and submit performance reports

Facilities and Operations

Track maintenance requests for buildings, vehicles, and donation drop-off locations


Take advantage of special pricing

Supporting Nonprofits means the world to us, which is why we offer special discounts on the pricing of our software for NGOs.

Cost aside, we know how chaotic it can be to bring in a brand-new piece of software to an organization, or how challenging it can be to alter an already established workflow. That's why we stay by your side throughout the entire onboarding and implementation process.

Your NGO's success is a success for everyone!


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“Issuetrak has really created a great opportunity for our company to automate our workflow without the huge expense of an enterprise database system.” Business Process PM, BakerRipley.

"Issuetrak helps to organize the flow of people. It's easy to create a process where stakeholders are notified of who will need or will no longer need resources. Issuetrak has been a valuable tool for me for over 14 years. They provide the best support. Timely, friendly and helpful." IT Director, Gleaners Community Food Bank

“Our agency has been using Issuetrak for 9 years. So easy to use and wonderful support team! They are constantly listening and improving the software to keep up with change. [What’s noteworthy is] the simplicity of using this tool. It’s so easy. It takes our departments 1 hour to learn how to use Issuetrak. In about 1 week, they are well on their way with no issues.” Business Analyst, nonprofit Organization Management

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