Pricing, simplified

We don't have pricing tiers or "gotcha" paywalls. Unlike our competitors, Issuetrak lets agents host unlimited users at no extra cost. Choose the deployment type that best suits your needs and let our software do the work for you.

Best-in-class ticketing, no matter how you deploy



Starting at $998
per agent, billed once

Our software on your own managed servers gives you full control over security, connectivity, and data.


24/7 phone, chat, and email support

Unlimited issues

Multi-channel issue submission

Mass issue handling

Issue automations and workflows

Custom forms and form templates

Task management



cloud-popular 2


Starting at $69
per agent/month, billed annually

Sit back, relax, and let us host Issuetrak for you. Automatic software updates with expert maintenance included.


ALL the on-premises features

Automatic updates

Enhanced security

Guaranteed uptime

Guaranteed performance

Custom URL (TLS/SSL)

Test site sandbox environment

US / Canada hosting

SOC2 Certified



Contact for a quote

All the benefits of standard cloud plus full oversight of environment configurations. Want your own dedicated server? A fully private cloud? You've got it.

Possibilities Include:

ALL cloud features

Dedicated server

Dedicated hosting for private cloud services

Domain and IP restrictions

Choose your data center based on geographic location

Migration assistance

Built to your security and compliance needs



Pricing varies

Available for every deployment type, our add-ons take Issuetrak to the next level and offer tailored and extensible capabilities for any product usage.


Asset Management



Identity Management / SSO



Dive Deeper into our Features

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Setting you up for success from onboarding to beyond

You’ve made all the hard decisions, and you’ve signed on the dotted line — now what? If you're a new customer, get started with some implementation training or configuration guidance with our in-house Professional Services team.

Once your setup is complete, don't worry - we won't just toss you into the void. Far beyond implementation, your assigned Customer Success team will be available to you the whole way. (Not many of our competitors can say the same!)

With Professional Services, your dedicated account manager, and Support at your side, you can hit the ground running.


Support so good, you won't want to work with anyone else

No bot conversations or ghosting from the support line when you partner with us! A call with our highly-rated Support team will never leave you feeling frustrated or neglected.

Available by phone, email, or chat, you'll never wait long to speak with our Product Experts, who know exactly how to get you back up and running, full-tilt. 

We guarantee we'll be the best vendor you'll ever partner with. Seriously.

Try it for yourself with our 14-Day free trial!

      Simple Setup       No Credit Card Required


Issuetrak's API smoothly connects your software stack to ours 

The Issuetrak API gives an experienced API developer access to all the endpoints they could ever need. Connect an existing app from your pre-existing software stack. Build a compatible custom app that works with Issuetrak. The power and flexibility of the API is at your fingertips.

  • Write your own powerful integrations in a fast, easy setup
  • Adhere to OpenAPI standards
  • Stay secure through user-based authentication tokens and more
  • Trust in thorough, developer-based documentation

Learn more about API v1 and API v2.


Integrations are the future—and we're just getting started

Integrations are a key part of Issuetrak's future—we never stop building in support for your most-wanted platforms. Built with you in mind, we’re constantly making it easier for you to use the software platforms you already have. Some of our key integrations include:

  • Zapier
  • Google Email
  • Microsoft 365
  • Azure AD
  • OAuth 2.0 / OIDC

Explore a wealth of Integrations.


“My interactions with Issuetrak Support have always been excellent. I am able to speak with a Support Specialist with little to no wait time. The Support Specialists have always been polite, friendly and very knowledgeable, which makes the process of troubleshooting or fixing an issue less stressful. Thank you for everything!”

- Nonprofit professional

On-Premises? Cloud? How do I know which is right for me?

The age-old question! Determining the right deployment type for your business boils down to a few common questions:

Self-host with on-premises?

  • Do you need to host a site on your servers to meet your industry’s compliance standards?
  • Does your organization already have IT restrictions in place requiring on-premises hosting?
  • Do you have the resources, staff, time, and hardware to host a site yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider our on-premises deployment type to satisfy your organization’s demands.

...Or Convert to the Cloud?

  • Are you tired of the hassles of server maintenance and software licensing?
  • Tired of trying to justify an upgrade?
  • Dreading disaster recovery concerns?
  • Don’t have the resources to self-host a site? (This one is painful, for sure!)

You’re in luck! With Cloud, leave worries about resource allocation behind. Regular cloud updates ensure your operations stay safe, smooth, and secure–leaving you to focus on what’s important: being your customer’s hero.

Hungry to know more? We have the perfect blog for you: Cloud vs. On-Premises Hosting: Which Is Best for Your Needs?


Our services do it all (so you don’t have to)

How many of us really have the time to set up and learn a brand-new platform with everything else stacked on our plates? Never fear. Our variety of services takes the burden off your shoulders.

From complete site overhaul to minor tune-ups, we’ll get under the hood to set up, reoptimize, and configure your site as you like it. Let us focus on servicing your site so you can focus on your bigger picture.

Services we offer:
  • Initial site implementation
  • Product training
  • Site tune-ups
  • Complete site configurations
  • Complete site management
  • Migrations from other help desk platforms
  • and much more...

Our most popular offering

Maximize the power of add-ons

Go beyond basic services on your site—and for your customers. The boosted functionality of add-ons will give your site a competitive edge.

Bring added value to your ticket automation process when you collect all the right information the first time. Webforms offer users a smooth, simple process to submit new tickets in real-time without the hassle of login or email roadblocks.

Built by us to your specifications, your webform can be as simple or complex as you need it to be so you can resolve problems quickly and improve your customer’s overall experience.

Key Features:
  • Issuetrak API integrations for secure issue submission

  • Branding your webform's look to your specifications

  • Support for Custom URLs

  • Multi-page options to give you full control over fillable fields

  • Full data mapping with support for user-defined fields.

  • Embed-option on the page of your choice to your company’s intranet or website

  • And more

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The Issuetrak Support webform was built using the same tools we use to build our customer's webforms.


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