10 Frequently Asked Questions About Issuetrak

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Our Product Experts speak with plenty of prospective Issuetrak customers every week, and are always at the ready to answer any questions. We asked our experts to compile a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions they receive from new customers!

1. Do you offer cloud hosting?

Yes we do! We offer Issuetrak hosted via cloud or on your premises, depending on your organization’s needs. Not sure which choice is best suited to your team? There are benefits to either option. You can refer to our blog post on the topic, which goes into greater detail!

2. Why do I need a demo?

Our free demo lets you experience Issuetrak firsthand with the guidance of a Product Expert. We tailor these demos specifically to your organization’s needs and industry, highlighting the tools and features that you’ll find most important and answering your questions along the way! Schedule your tailored demo today!

3. How long is the process? Can Issuetrak be set up and ready to go within the next week?

Depending on how you’ve chosen to host, we can get your Issuetrak site up and running in as little as 24 hours. Some configurations could take a little longer depending on factors like your onboarding process and whether you’re interested in our Implementation services, which connect you with our Professional Services training staff. Be sure to communicate with our experts if you have a deadline that needs to be met and we’ll work to accommodate it!

4. Do you charge every user?

We charge for every licensed agent using Issuetrak, but we offer unlimited empowered end users! Agents have access to more functions than end users do, but Issuetrak still offers robust functionality to end users. They have more than 50 permissions within the product and access to plenty of Issuetrak’s features, including the Issue Hub, the Knowledge Base, and more! Read our blog post for more details.

5. What does your onboarding process look like?

After you receive your site, we suggest every new Issuetrak customer start off with at least a few hours of training time with Pro Services -- we call this Implementation! This provides you with one-on-one instruction and consultation with an expert who can walk you through the basics of operating an Issuetrak site, as well as provide advice and best practices recommendations.

We can typically schedule your first Implementation session within a few days to a few weeks of your purchase. Implementation sessions differ based on each customer’s individual needs. Most customers need two to three 2-hour sessions. We can also accommodate onsite training as needed, and other extended training options are always available!

Read more about our onboarding process in our white paper, Getting Started with Issuetrak.

6. Are there any hidden charges?

Not at all! We create our quotes depending on your number of Issuetrak agents and whether you would like to be billed monthly or yearly.

We do offer some add-on modules that come at an additional cost and can be enabled for your base Issuetrak site at any time. Identity Management (formerly called Active Directory), Asset Management, Billing, Chat, Surveys, and Webforms are all add-ons! You can read more about them here.

7. Is the task manager an additional cost?

No, the task manager comes free with all Issuetrak sites!

8. Can you send me a video?

We have a number of training videos on our Issuetrak YouTube channel that you can reference any time! You can also take a look at our monthly webinars, which center on different features, usages, and topics within Issuetrak.

9. Do you have asset management?

We do! As mentioned above, Issuetrak’s Asset Management module is an add-on feature. Cost for this feature depends on your billing type, so please discuss it with our experts if you’re interested in receiving more information.

10. Can tickets come in via email?

Absolutely! Our Incoming Email feature makes it easy to capture tickets via email and import them directly into Issuetrak. You can even add notes to issues via email replies!

Don’t see your question on the list? Our experts are always available to answer you directly! We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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