Issuetrak’s 2022 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2022! With the new year comes new beginnings, new opportunities, and new goals. The Issuetrak team has been hard at work developing company-wide goals for this year, but we’ve also been setting personal resolutions for ourselves and our teams to guide us through the beginning of 2022 and beyond. Here are some of our Read More »

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Covid Case Tracking for Higher Education

As the spring semester begins, many colleges and universities are making difficult decisions regarding whether and how to proceed with in-person classes given the rising Covid-19 case rate. The CDC offers recommendations for how to manage outbreaks and mitigate spread in a college or university setting, but it is largely up to the institutions themselves Read More »

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4 New Year’s Resolutions Issuetrak Can Help You With

Welcome to the beginning of a brand new year! A time for starting fresh, for self-improvement, and for setting resolutions — ones that will hopefully stick. We’ve all heard that studies estimate that most resolutions are doomed to fail within the first few months, but don’t be discouraged! Your work-related resolutions don’t need to suffer Read More »

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Traktip – 2021 Round Up

It’s time for another traktip! It’s that time of year again! With the year coming to a close, we’re rounding up this year’s monthly traktips to make sure you didn’t miss any. Check out the topics for the 2020 traktip blog posts below: This Year’s Traktips Editing and Creating Issue Hub Tabs 2020’s Issue Hub Read More »

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Issuetrak’s 2021 Holiday Hours

The Issuetrak team wishes you a happy and safe holiday season and a wonderful new year heading into 2022! Our holiday support hours for the end of 2021 are as follows: Wednesday, 12/22: 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Thursday, 12/23: 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. The offices will be closed from 12/24 through 12/31, both for Support Read More »

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A Look Back on Issuetrak’s 2021

The new year is nearly upon us! As we prepare to welcome in 2022, the Issuetrak team is looking back at some of our favorite moments and successes from 2021. Despite the continued challenges of a mostly-remote team, we’ve managed to accomplish quite a lot this year, including introducing our much-anticipated Issuetrak 14 navigation update, Read More »

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A line of cars in a lot.

4 Most Common Used Car Dealership Customer Complaints

Staying on top of customer complaints is essential for dealerships when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention. These days, that’s harder than ever, with chip shortages reducing inventory, new subscription fees, and the competitive buying process creating a stressful environment for both buyers and sellers. Customers have many reasons to shop for used cars, Read More »

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Issuetrak Pricing: What You See Is What You Get

When purchasing a new software, making that final decision to buy often comes down to pricing. Figuring out if the cost matches your budget is bad enough without the frustration that comes with sifting through confusing tier systems and sneaky hidden fees. Even once you’ve made your decision, you may feel regret when the bill Read More »

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An Easier Way to Manage HR Work Requests (and More)

Human Resource departments work to support organizations in many capacities, from hiring and onboarding employees to ensuring that every individual on payroll receives proper compensation and benefits. They run much of the behind-the-scenes work for their companies and keep track of many of the processes within the organization that seem unconscious to others. Organization and Read More »

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