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At Issuetrak, we offer a robust, user-friendly, and customizable solution that can help you streamline your help desk operations. Our platform is designed to help you manage, track, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your customers receive the service they deserve.


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The Issuetrak advantage

Issuetrak is a software platform allowing businesses to track items and processes key to operations. How that looks for each business can vary dramatically.

IT help desks across the world use Issuetrak to track tickets and resolutions. School district transportation departments may track parent-reported bus complaints or incidents. A parts manufacturer uses Issuetrak to record change requests or quality assurance issues.

Regardless of industry, our platform adapts to meet your needs – and it doesn’t stop there. We partner with you every step of the way, from white-gloved implementation to ongoing 24/7 customer support.

We've got a knack for keeping track:
issues, tickets, complaints, incidents 

We call them issues, but you can label them whatever you like. Tracking their progress from entry to closure is critical for every business, and our software ensures nothing slips through the cracks.


Keep track

Think of issues like emails. You write in your subject line, document all the details in the description, and click submit. Only instead of a message being lost to an overcrowded inbox, issues kick off a series of automations that takes care of the busy work for you.


Tasks and automation

Once an issue is entered, a set of tasks can be added to it to distribute action items across your teams. Additional automations can alert you when updates are made, when the issue has gone untouched for too long, and when a final solution is reached and the issue is closed.


Data visualization

Dashboard panels provide quick, digestible views of your data that let you know the state of your open issues at a glance. Reports let you take deeper dives into the data, with fields, sorting, and grouping defined by you.

Streamline your help desk 

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  14-Day Free Trial       Simple Setup       No Credit Card Required

Unparalleled support

At Issuetrak, customer success isn't just an idea. It’s an ethic. When you partner with us, we want you to thrive—so much so, we created a whole department of individuals devoted to serving you.

Want us to configure your new site for you? Done. Prefer to DIY and need training for your support agents? We'll travel on site or conduct training remotely. Can't figure out exactly why a feature isn't working as expected? Our Technical Support Analysts are available to help 24/7. Our customer satisfaction rating of over 99% proves our dedication to keeping you on top of it all and making you an industry leader.

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99% Overall customer satisfaction


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"Issuetrak is cutting 75 percent of the time I used to spend on customer support requests. I get hours back in my week that I can spend on getting new business."
Answer Quest
“With one Web-based application I can monitor how my techs in Canada, Dubai and India are managing our customers’ support experience. I can see everything for our global customer base in one place online, from anywhere.”
“Issuetrak has really created a great opportunity for our company to automate our workflow without the huge expense of an enterprise database system.”
Baker Ripley
“You won’t find a better tool for the money.”
Bellisio Foods
“We have been able to catch trends in issues and figure out a solution to prevent the issue from continuing to occur."
Harbert College of Business
"We’re offering a 24 hour service that helps us stay on top of what the community wants."
Loudoun County Public Schools
“We are able to resolve and close issues sometimes two to four times faster than we did before."
Montgomery County Memorial Hospital
"Anyone can tout great customer service. When we began our deployment, we quickly realized what the [Issuetrak] staff was willing to do to help us achieve our goals.”
Client Manager IT
“Having a tool like Issuetrak helps us live up to our 110% brand promise by immediately correcting any problems and helping us turn customer experiences around.”
Silver Diner

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