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If your organization receives and responds to feedback, complaints, or submissions in any form, what do you use to capture those comments? If you’re using email or phone calls, are you staying organized? If you use some sort of form, does it link up directly to software you can use to begin resolving the submitted issues?

For organizations looking for a completely custom solution, an Issuetrak webform is a great option. Fully integrated with our issue tracking software, these webforms provide a simple, clean, and intuitive way for individuals to submit their issues and an efficient way for your team to gather information and begin working on a solution.

Our Development and Professional Services teams collaborate on each custom form we create, ensuring that it looks and works exactly the way you need it to. The webforms use the Issuetrak API to ensure that each form field is mapped to the proper field in Issuetrak, and submission works seamlessly.

Using an Issuetrak webform provides your team (and your customers) with huge benefits:

Public-Facing for Fast, Easy Submission

Rather than needing to sign into a site with a username and password, Issuetrak’s webforms allow anyone with a link to submit to the form. This is particularly useful for instances where non-employees may need to submit tickets -- think customer feedback, maintenance requests, or public/school transportation complaints.

With a webform in place, any user who needs to communicate a problem can quickly access the form (from a link on your company’s website or otherwise) and send in the relevant information with the press of a button. No need to spend time logging in, writing out an email, or making a phone call -- just plug in the required information and go. And that means your team will receive the submission faster as well.

All of the Information You Want, and Only the Information You Need

When submitting issues through an open-ended platform such as email, or even the phone, some people tend to leave off key information. A concerned parent reporting a bus incident may forget to include the bus number or the street the incident occurred on; a customer with a product issue may leave out an item number. Following up to gather these details can further delay the issue’s resolution, especially if the individual neglects to provide contact information.

An Issuetrak webform removes the guesswork for both your submitters and your team. Our Product Experts work with you to design the perfect webform to satisfy your needs. You’ll be able to determine exactly which fields you need -- from order numbers to dates, times, and locations -- so that each person using the webform provides exactly what your team needs to get started working on the resolution process.

Branding How You Want It

Issuetrak webforms are also visually customizable, allowing your organization to determine how the submission form looks and how it’s branded. Whether you have an icon or logo you want to include, a certain color or style of text, or a particular sort of imagery that you want to appear on the form, a webform is a sleek, visually-appealing way to show off your team’s unique branding.

Need a Quicker Option? Try Our Standard Webform!

Issuetrak webforms take time and care to craft properly. But that doesn't mean you can't get a webform if you're working on a tighter time schedule or a stricter budget!

If you’re looking for something fast and lower-cost, our pre-configured standard webforms will suit your needs. These webforms are built with default fields and limited customization options for ease and speed. While they are not fully custom, they are still immensely useful and can provide a simple, public-facing method for capturing your customers' information.

You can read more about how the standard webforms work and see how they function in this Help Center Article!

Get Your Issuetrak Webform Started Today

If all of that sounds like something your team could benefit from, we’d love to start a discussion about your needs and what you’re looking for in your very own Issuetrak webform!

Ready to take the next step towards making your custom Issuetrak webform a reality? Reach out to our Product Experts and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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