The Key to Clearing Your Ticket Requests: Webforms

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How’s your customer response time these days?

Just wondering if you’re bogged down with organizing customer requests lately. If you are, I’ve got a secret for you: once upon a time, we had the same problem, too!

…Which is why we came up with webforms (and we simply can’t keep the perks all to ourselves!). 

Webforms have helped many companies speed up their customer response time. They’re a one-stop-shop to gather user information without the back and forth of "snail-email".

Webforms cut out manual input from your data collection diet. They give you more time to solve any customer problems coming your way while improving your complaint management system.

So how exactly do you get the right webform to make your customers’ input easier?

It’s all about asking the right questions.

By giving your visitors an easy-to-find, easy-to-fill webform, you can multiply the rate of return with half the effort. 

No more hunting down answers to your questions in email—just a simple, pre-filled webform to collect feedback, details—whatever data you need from customers—at rocket-launch speed. And it’s not even rocket science!

Webforms are quick and easy to set up and maintain.

You can use a standardized set of questions pre-made for you to capture the details you need from the get-go.

Or better yet, if you’re sick of standard questionnaires that don’t give you all the answers, just custom-create your own webform.

Sound to good to be true?

It doesn’t have to be. 

If you find yourself drowning in email requests, webforms are a perfect solution. No more hide and seek or games of chase—just precise details from the start so you can reply quickly, clear your ticket requests, and keep yourself and your clients happy.

Ease customer frustrations with a Webform that lives on your homepage.

Your clients can easily give you feedback and ask questions when your webform can sit front and center on your homepage. No more frustrated customers hung up and sifting through your contact page. Webforms make it easy for visitors to submit any issue, hassle-free.

It goes without saying the hassle a webform will save you! No more hunting down the specifics from vague customer submissions. Say goodbye to playing email tag (it wasn’t a fun game, anyway.) 

That way, you’ll get through your ticket submissions faster…and you can just maybe use the time you save to make it 10 minutes earlier to Happy Hour.

There’s a bonus, too. If you get a hosted webform with the option of “anonymous submission”, you’ll give submitters a safe space for honest feedback, which makes your product grow.

If You Can’t Rely on Memory, You Can Rely on A Single Sign-On.

You’ll stop pulling out your hair over tedious logins. A single sign-on ensures quick access to every piece of data you need without compromising data security.

Heard enough? There’s more where that came from, but trust me—the benefits only multiply from here. 

If you’re new to webforms, our Help Center articles are a great place to start! Read our help center articles to learn a bit more about how Webforms lighten your workload.

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