STAR Award Spotlight: Michelle Ashton

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For each of our monthly all-hands meetings, we encourage our employees to nominate coworkers who have risen above and beyond for the STAR Award, our employee appreciation award. This Feel Good Friday, we’re highlighting the most recent winner of the STAR Award: Michelle Ashton.

Michelle has only been a member of the Issuetrak team for less than a year but has already made her mark. Hired in the spring of 2021, she quickly became an indispensable member of our Sales team as a Business Development Representative and has continued to bring new and exciting ideas to the table.

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“Michelle has come into the sales team hitting the ground running,” said Taylor Ross, Issuetrak’s VP of Operations. “She is the first person you talk to when you call into sales and is always generating new ideas. Her drive and determination will continue to make Issuetrak successful.”

We talked to Michelle and asked her a few questions about her role at Issuetrak.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a mom of two incredible kids that keep me busy every single day! I am from Kentucky and enjoy traveling to see the world and my family as often as I can. When I am not on mom or work duty I am in the gym!

What’s your favorite Issuetrak feature?

Workflows and the task manager. These features allow you to set deadlines on issues to ensure the work is being done and that those needed to work on the issue are held accountable. The task manager also allows multiple folks to interact within an issue.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

Prospecting. We are trying incredibly hard to build our presence and getting people to know and love us takes time!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Finding solutions for pain points within industries or departments. Since I started, I have helped so many different industries with anything from IT help desk to Covid-19 case tracking to incident management. My day-to-day is never the same!

What’s one of your home office must-haves?

Ballpoint pens, plenty of super cute notebooks to sporadically notate everything. And Kash, my super scaredy-cat guard dog! He keeps me on track and ensures I take breaks throughout the day!

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