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What is an empowered free user?

Free users can access the system, submit tickets, pass issues across the team, solve customer problems, and deliver results.


What is a user?

Help desk SaaS providers give unique names to the people using their software daily. You’ve likely heard these titles thrown out there without any clue what they mean:

  • Viewer (HelpDesk)
  • Requester (LiveAgent or SolarWinds)
  • Light Agent (Zendesk)
  • End User (Insight)

In a nutshell, they mean MONEY. For our competitors like Zendesk, Jira, or Spiceworks, each title requires a per-employee fee to access or submit a simple issue ticket.

What if we told you there was another option? One that gave your help desk all the powers it needs to carry out IT solutions without breaking the bank? 

We’ve got three words for you: Empowered Free Users.

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Why are Empowered Free Users Your BEST Option? 

You’ll be hard-up to find this highly advantageous perk among the many competing help desk software providers in today’s market. Low advertised prices may entice you, but be warned! Hidden fees on important, much-needed features will quickly show a SaaS provider's true colors.

The Proof is in the Pricing

Zendesk may easily rank among the most popular solutions, with an attractive “Starting at $19” flashing across their pricing page. Scroll further; you’ll see their $49-$150 per month per agent price tag. That’s just the crux. The hidden agenda comes afterward.

Agents and users work together to resolve your help desk’s queries as efficiently as possible. You’ll want to attach a number of users to each agent. With Zendesk, each of those users costs you an additional $19-$215, stranding you with a heftier investment than you originally intended.

The real kicker is that the cost of many software brands on the market is inflated. We recently talked to a shopper who went with Zendesk because “they had waived a bunch of fees, making Zendesk’s software the cheaper option”. 

(Here’s some more intel: this buyer also went for the cheapest pricing tier, limiting the number of agents and thus user power. We’re covering our eyes for the struggle their help desk will encounter down the road.)

Clearly, Zendesk doesn’t need to charge as much as they do, and they know it. But do you?

Modernizing your help desk shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Do you want to be swindled by inflated pricing? Zendesk’s monthly $19-$215 dollars per USER is heavy—and unreasonable. Pile that on top of the costly monthly AGENT fee—at a minimum of 10 agents, mind you—and you’ve lost a small fortune. 

The cost of many software brands on the market is inflated. Help desk software companies don't need to charge as much as they do.

You might think: “It’s impossible to find a better deal without limits. Sometimes you just have to pay the two dollars.”

Well, we are here to tell you otherwise.

Go with a Free Option That Still Offers Great Value

Yes, help desk solutions charge per agent. There’s no avoiding that. 

But you can look for some freebies out there. They do exist. 

Both Jira and Spiceworks offer free plans—with limitations. While free, this Jira option only grants you up to 3 agents, limiting the number of requests you can get through in a day.

Or why not go with a more transparent pricing scheme? 

For us, we gave the word “free” a double meaning. For one, users are free and empowered to resolve help desk problems faster. For another, an infinite number of users is free of charge to you—literally. Each agent of an Issuetrak site can oversee an unlimited number of free users—free users who can complete tasks quicker to keep your organization humming.

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What Can Free Users DO? Unlimited Operations

Free users can do more than paid users at other platforms can. They can access the system, submit tickets, pass issues across the team, solve customer problems, and deliver results. That’s more than what you’d see with competing help desk software companies.

HelpDesk divides its access tiers into Admins, Agents, and Viewers. But given the name, it begs the question: what can “viewers” actually do?

SolarWinds calls their users “requesters”, limited to only submitting tickets. They don’t have a wealth of user permissions that would otherwise pick up the speed of their help desk.

Freshdesk entitles “users” to a Daypass, where irregular users enter the portal to work through specific requests. But they need to keep tabs on their time limit. When the chime strikes at the eleventh hour, their Daypass locks them out.

Of course, every help desk software offers its wonderful perks. The key is finding the right solution for you. When making your choice, look for a solution that lets your users clear the decks quickly so you can conquer your industry. If you go with us, you can make that happen without the hassle of hidden fees. 

We don’t limit your access to ticket submission. We don’t limit your ability to resolve your customers’ queries. And we don’t hinder your flourishing business. 

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