I Pledge Allegiance: 7 Ways Issuetrak Gets Schools Organized

We value each and every partner who comes to us hoping for better: better return on investment, better use of their time, better data management, better service and support.

Read on to see how the education sector has cured conundrums with Issuetrak software.

Idleness Is The Enemy: Streamline To Maximize Time

When Renaissance Academy needed a desperate revamp of their help desk, software came in handy. They were able to use its features to streamline all help desk requests, putting all requests in one centralized location so nothing could get lost - even if they wanted to! - making them the most efficient school help desk on the block.

Not to mention the turnaround time gave back to staff and teachers the precious moments needed to devote to their greatest, most important task: grooming the future and education of our children.

“Issuetrak streamlines the whole help desk process for us and definitely speeds up turnaround time.” - Todd Krock, Technology Coordinator, Renaissance Academy


Cut Down On Hours, Build Up On ROI

Speaking of saving time, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) made special use of Issuetrak’s Webform to create data-based issue submissions. This made LCPS heroes for its employees who no longer had to manually plug in missing links. The simplicity is a return on investment in itself - not counting the massive savings in hours. As CEO Dan Flowers has said, “it condenses 2 hours to 10 minutes.” That’s huge!

“All we have to do is review [the submission] and assign it…It’s absolutely saving us a lot of time.” Jean Marie Ciaci, Transportation Operations Specialist, LCPS


Not Software That Walks, But Runs

We all know the pain of running into technical issues we don’t know how to fix. Compounded by our everyday stressors, a software hiccough is the last thing we want on our plates. Happily, school institutions prevent their employees from descending into chaos by making full use of Issuetrak’s bespoke functions. As Thomas McNabb from Orange County Public Schools claimed, “Issuetrak has been easy for us to use and deploy. We have found it to be customizable and meet our needs."
Smooth running, target-hitting software keeps operations up and running without disruption to daily workflow.

“It’s very rare that we have to call [customer support]. Everything runs and does what we need it to do.” Todd Krock, Technology Coordinator, Renaissance Academy


No Hassle Set Up: Simple Management Software

As we mentioned above, we’ve all got a lot going on! Relegating complex tasks (like a bustling help desk system) to a simple, easy-to-manage software lifts a lot of burdens, letting you sit a little taller. Minimal time and resources go into training - because it’s just that simple. IT Manager Andrew Stadler from Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business shared, “the initial setup was easy! Training the staff on how to use it was also quite simple.”

“We were able to create our own ticketing system without relying on IT support.” Thomas McNabb,Orange County Public Schools


Prompt Response Like No Other In Customer Support

We’ve got tons of gratitude for the partnerships we cultivate and the purpose our software serves. We’re constantly aiming for excellence in our product and peak potential in our people. (We were so thrilled to perform 100% in our August customer service stats!)

That’s what it takes to boost productivity in the professional sphere: a dedication to excellence.

“[Support team members] respond promptly and will work with professionalism through any problem or concern you have.” Andrew Stadler, Harbert College of Business


Keep Tabs With Data Management

Tracking complaints and managing tickets can easily become a wind funnel. Stafford County Public Schools decided to take back control via an Issuetrak complaint management system. This enabled them to verify when and with whom they made contact to resolve issues. They could stay on top of the data rather than get drowned in it, and quickly address problems faced by parents who wanted a speedy turnaround and resolution.

Jean Marie Ciaci of LCPS reiterates how schools get to offer “a 24-hour service that helps us stay on top of what the community wants.” Software gives schools the response-agility parents in the community are hoping for, meanwhile creating much-demanded visibility of complaints and reassuring parents that their voices are being heard. Public schools become champions of timely resolution and parents rest in the safe security of knowing their children’s schools are on top of it.

“I wanted verifiable data. Now we can keep tabs and know that things have been resolved.” Barry Sudduth, Stafford County Director of Transportation


Self-Corrective Systematic Results

The greatest reward of all is the software’s self-generating nature. The ease of amalgamating data provides a bird's eye view of information over time, empowering school systems to identify ebbs and flows and deploy preventative action against future incidents.

Stafford County’s Director of Transportation Barry Sudduth relays how Issuetrak helps them “catch trends in issues [so they can] figure out a solution to prevent the issue from continuing to occur”.

For Newport News Public Schools, Issuetrak continues to be its most effective solution for school district transportation issues- and complaint-tracking. We hope to help schools persist in building their track records of continued success.
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