Auburn University optimizes help desk operations with Issuetrak


“Customer service is the best. [Support team members] respond promptly and will work through any problem or concern you have with professionalism.”

Andrew Stadler, Harbert College of Business

Customer Overview

The Harbert College of Business operates out of Auburn University in the city of Auburn, Alabama. This business college teaches finance, business management, and a host of other subjects to 5,000 students earning their business degrees. The college has a staff of over 100 instructors, advisors, and administrators to support its student body.

The IT Department at Harbert College provides service and support to all of the students and staff. Between managing the college’s various assets, providing support and IT Help Desk services, and managing the purchase of new materials, the department frequently has its hands full — and with a team of only five full time staff members and 10 student technicians, efficiency and organization are key.


Stadler was no stranger to Issuetrak — he had used it once before in a previous position and had enjoyed working with the application. While the department considered a few other options, they ultimately decided to move forward with implementing Issuetrak.

“The initial setup was easy!” Stadler said. “Training the staff on how to use it was also quite simple.”

They had the solution up and running quickly with the help of Issuetrak Product Engineer Paul Harris. Harris walked Stadler through the entire process and assisted in the configuration of different settings along the way. Stadler then used the information gained in his time with Harris to train the rest of the team on how to properly submit issues into the system.


With Issuetrak in place, the Harbert College IT Department has seen their efficiency improve and their costs decrease. Issuetrak’s comprehensive database of issues allows team members to easily look up and reference past issues to inform the resolution of current issues. The application’s reporting tool helps employees keep tabs on frequently reported technical problems and anticipate areas of improvement.

“We have been able to catch trends in issues and figure out a solution to prevent the issue from continuing to occur,” said Stadler.

The Issuetrak Asset Management module has been another useful Help Desk tool. This feature allows the department to keep track of each and every asset (computers, laptops, etc.), record information on their status and upkeep, run reports on their maintenance histories, and more. It has even helped the IT team develop a faster and more efficient way to check out laptops to users throughout the college.

Issuetrak has allowed Auburn to ensure that students and staff never have to go without the technology that they need!

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