X’s and O’s: February 2023 STAR Staff Recognition

Our monthly Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) award goes to teammates performing above and beyond in their work.

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Every week, we hear Product Engineer Dawn Duck’s name cross someone's lips, praising her diligence, attention to detail, lack of fear in deep data dives, and eagerness to redo projects until they’re done RIGHT.

Dawn merits every last one of these praises, which is why we present a meaningful employee recognition like the STAR every month.

Dawn has served with Issuetrak since 2017. As a member of the Professional Services team, she spends a lot of time on client calls but also performs many tasks beyond the scope of a Support team member. 

Alex Goolie, Director of Customer Operations adds:

"Along with her commitment to the team, company, and customers' goals, Dawn always strives to find new and innovative ways to improve our services. The hard work, product knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication Dawn brings to the table make her a continually valuable asset!"

What we admire the most about Dawn is her determination to do her job well. More than once, she has seized on second and third attempts to ensure her piece of the puzzle is delivered just right—and she always does it before the deadline. (We don’t know how she manages her time so well, but it’s undoubtedly her superpower!) 

She routinely asserts herself with relish, whether that means digging through data to resolve a problem or filming herself several times to give our Marketing department the perfect video. No matter the endeavor, Dawn consistently outshines herself to go above and beyond mere duty.

"The STAR Award embodies going above and beyond for the team’s benefit.  It represents the values of Excellence, Drive, Collaboration, and Innovation. When we strive to do our best, it enhances every aspect of our company, including the product we offer, our professional relationships with our colleagues, and the level of satisfaction experienced by our customers."

No one could have said it better. Our product, relationships, and customer experiences are the core of everything we do to drive home the Issuetrak values of service and sensibility. Thank you, Dawn, for your equal and unequivocal commitment to both!

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