Sweet September STAR Award: Employee Recognition

Sweet September STAR: Danny Alvarado

Every month, an Issuetrak team member finds a way to make themselves stand apart and shine.

Our carefully crafted Issuetrak team is hand-picked selectively for a reason. Every month, we dole out a STAR award for high-achieving, milestone-breaking issuetrakkers. Some have stood apart from the crowd for pulling more than their own weight. Others have made the grade for stupendous service to customers and colleagues alike.

For the month of September, the 7-month new Technical Support Assistant (TSA) Danny Alvarado has stood out in his own category.

There is nothing disingenuous or unkind about Danny - which is why we love him here!

From checking up on the mental wellness of his fellow workerbees to carrying a consistently positive attitude in and out of the office, Danny’s compassion has helped him truly rise to the top of Staff Appreciation and Recognition. 

And let’s face it: how many people would, of their own volition, drive out, pick up, and deliver fries to their colleagues’ desks, just for the sake of sharing and caring? 

Danny McGonigle with Delaware Division of the Public Advocate shares our sentiments about our teammate: "Danny went far above and beyond any expectations. Without him, we would not have diagnosed the problem which was 100% non-Issuetrak related. I am extremely grateful."

We’re all extremely grateful for Danny’s hard work and magnanimity.

One sobering confession reveals the unreachable depth of Danny’s kindness and unabashed love for life.

“I’ve lost a lot of friends in the past who just felt really alone. It’s important to me to reach out and show people you care. You never know what can happen.” We could all take a leaf out of Danny’s book of beneficence, especially in honor of September as National Suicide Prevention Month. In true Danny fashion, let’s strive to spread goodwill and always keep it real. You’ll never know the profound impact you could have on someone’s feelings – or actions.

We are grateful for the compassion Danny and all Issuetrak’s team bring to the table. Lest we forget, our very own Dan Flowers, Issuetrak CEO, began his Issuetrak career as a TSA. So we mean it when we say: we certainly forecast a bright future for Danny and we look forward to his ongoing success with us here at Issuetrak.

We’ll close with a special Danny spotlight shined by one of our partners at Gleaners Community Food Bank: “Issuetrak provides the best support of any vendor I've worked with. The response is always fast, professional and complete. Thank you, Issuetrak. And thank you, Danny.”

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