Issuetrak Staff Award and Recognition: September 2023

At Issuetrak, we value giving our teammates any opportunity to exercise their transferable skills. Sarah Buchholz has taken advantage of this opportunity in recent months! After serving a worthy 2-year term on our Marketing team, she has graduated to Sales Development Representative to further evolve her skillset. In September, she won Issuetrak’s monthly STAR award for her dedication to excellence. (Congratulations!)

It feels great to be part of a team that believes in me.

Sarah Buchholz Sales Development Rep, Issuetrak


If anyone can play detective to get down to the bottom of an issue—it’s Sarah. Her tenacity is just one of many hallmarks that have earned her the STAR award. Being so well-rounded in multiple departments at Issuetrak has made her a supremely valuable member of our team.

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