What the #CapterraShortlist Means To Us

We're honored to be selected again by Capterra Shortlist, recognizing our product for its consistently high rank in the customer satisfaction category. In addition to 2022 Best ITSM Software, Issuetrak has also been identified as a 2022 Emerging Favorite for Complaint Management Software.

This important award recognizes Issuetrak as a top business software solution addressing multi-industry needs in help desk, complaint management, customer support, and more.

Capterra measures its criteria for selection based on verified user reviews and ratings data using Capterra’s own scoring methodology, which “empowers businesses to accelerate their growth by helping them find the right software.”

This distinguished award doesn’t only assist in match-making software with businesses, however.

The recognition of the Capterra Shortlist complements local businesses like ours, with criteria set up “to ensure emerging vendors can be represented”. This gives SMBs a chance to shine in the spotlight for their outstanding customer satisfaction ratings and top-quality performance.

This year, Issuetrak has earned a score of
4.5 / 5 (172) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

To see for yourself, review the full report here.

Considering that Issuetrak was plotted in a top-14 graph against 132 other complaint management software companies, we’re pretty proud of our efforts. It’s no simple popularity contest, but rather a complex, well-aggregated one.

User reviews, unique product reviews published on Capterra, a popularity score, and requirements of functionality and relevance to North American software consumers across diverse industries all compile the measured criteria for receiving this award.

Of course, this is not why we do what we do. We sincerely believe automation software is changing the world for good, saving hard workers from time-consuming and sometimes frustrating projects.

Automation is a powerful tool. It solves people’s problems quickly when issue tickets escalate to the next resolution phase. This saves time, which also gives workers greater bandwidth to focus on their strengths at work. Automation software ultimately improves business process outcomes and augments customer relationships.

Thanks to awards like these, we’re motivated to keep developing a better user experience in our software upgrades and giving our partners more time, more efficiency, and better relationships with their own customers.

We’re grateful to Capterra for rewarding our hard work, recognizing us as a top ITSM software and complaint management solution, and empowering small businesses to deliver big results.

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