Rock STAR: November Edition with Jon Rivera

Staff Appreciation and Recognition Award

Each month, we recognize a team member for outstanding leadership, contribution, and work ethic. Read the back story on Jon Rivera, Issuetrak's Product Owner. Congratulations on winning the November Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Award. 

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Jon has always encouraged me to feel comfortable asking questions so I feel like I fit in.

The Development department would run only half as well. His workflows are the subject of TED talks.

He is a calm force of nature.

For the 20 years I’ve known him, Jon has proven himself as someone I can trust and who has the company’s best interests in mind.

These are just a few of the murmurs mimicked across Issuetrak’s team. We love Jon for his level-headed wisdom as much as his quirky charisma.

More than that, Jon is a visionary for Issuetrak’s software. He guides new product launches every month, serving our customers’ greatest organizational and productivity needs.

His early days as an Issuetrak Technical Writer do not speak to the breadth of his experience. Jon’s employment history hails from years spent at a Fortune 500 company where he managed a global team of employees.

Like many of us at Issuetrak, he came here for the breath of fresh air that a smaller, intimate work community provides. Happy to step back from management for a while, he delved into refining Issuetrak’s product. Jon has contributed to the software’s evolution ever since.

I was seeking greater involvement and empowerment. I didn’t want to be just another cog in the wheel. When the need arose, I went for it. Not for a moment do I regret my career transition.

Jon moved to Issuetrak in 2016 and never looked back. He found work he enjoys and gets to tap into his equally logistical and creative brain. As our Product Owner, some might say he works a one-person show. But his cross-disciplinary role in several departments makes him indispensable.

Superhero powers aren’t the only qualities earning Jon a STAR this month. He is a boulder in rushing waters. He is transparent, takes time to explain nuances to his fellows, welcomes everyone just as they are, and guides growth and learning with a gracious ear.

The humble perfectionist in him might not agree with our praise, but Jon's input builds our product development sprints and camaraderie. His insights help develop Issuetrak’s software and website. His empathy and mentoring skills are critical for colleague and stakeholder relationships.

Have product feedback? It will submit straight to Jon, too. In case you wondered who handles and responds to your requests, he is the man behind the curtain!

His true passion for writing may (for now) be a hobby, but his knack for comedic, whimsical plotlines ironically helps our Product Owner. A thought-provoking journey through our website or software is like a fantasy novel adventure.

Magically, he enmeshes art into a technical game. He strings myth into technology. He shows prospective Issuetrak users how help desk software influences world productivity and efficiency.

We are proud of our team and product—and proud of Jon’s extraordinary efforts to continue building them. His work is far from done, but for now, we’ll conclude simply with a sentiment shared across the team: Jon is friggin’ awesome.

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