August's STAR Award Goes To...

🎵 Feelin’ good - like we should 🎵

August was a month of appreciation, highlighting not one, but two shining stars on our Operations team. A hearty congratulations goes out to Sarah and Paula for winning Issuetrak’s employee recognition STAR Award!

Issuetrak certainly wouldn’t be the same without these two worker bees bringing to light the best of what Issuetrak has to offer. These two epic stars uphold what Issuetrak holds dear: honoring the customer relationships we have now and the ones we’ll have in the future. 

Sarah Buchholz: Star Behind the Social Screen

Sarah’s 18 months marathoning the Issuetrak Marketing show from behind the screen speaks to her dedication as an employee. But this month, we nominated Sarah for her supra-human support of her fellow teammates. Sarah went out of her way to assist her colleagues, pushing back her own tasks to make sure the Issuetrak train was chugging comfortably along for all.

Her “all-hands-on-deck” attitude has consistent spillover into her passion for her job:

I want to produce content that’s helpful to people looking for solutions - solutions like ours - and help people make the best choices for their business.

Paula McDonough: Real Relationships That Shine

Paula’s empathetic rationale gives her the authentic edge we’ve admired so much since she joined the team 3 years ago.

Inside the Issuetrak house, Paula derives a lot of spark working with Issuetrak’s large base of current and prospective clientele. Her energy is unmatched when it comes to cultivating real relationships to improve daily life for those we partner with.

We’ll let Paula do the talking because she says it best:

When you love what you do, it isn’t just a ‘job’. It’s effort and growth towards a mission you’ve set for yourself. That inner drive will always keep you going.

We couldn’t agree more. It’s great effort, immense passion and just a tinge of spice - the recipe keeping Issuetrak tingling.

Thank You, STARs!

We love watching individuals on our team grow. Sarah and Paula, we can’t wait to see what more is in store for you! 

Stay tuned for our September snapshot of team appreciation and the next STAR Award recipient!

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