Winter STARs Burn Brighter: January 2023 Staff Recognition

Each month, we recognize a team member for outstanding leadership, contribution, and work ethic. Congratulations to Emma Wells, our Senior Operations Coordinator, for winning the January Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Award.

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Issuetrak’s mission for its employees is about getting the right people in the right seats. Chief Operations Officer Taylor Ross works closely with every team member to help them apply their best strengths to their duties and give staff recognition where it's deserved. Having had a seat at Issuetrak since 2015, it only took a moment for Senior Operations Coordinator Emma Wells to get her right foot forward. She has since blossomed into someone we certainly couldn't live without.

Emma took little time to graduate from assistant to her current Operations role. Given the charge of authority, Emma flourished. Now she oversees everything from expense reports to the health and organization of our CRM.

But the real reason to shine a spotlight on our January STAR is for her undeniable dedication to the betterment of Issuetrak.

We previously recognized Emma’s courage of always stepping up to the plate when she won our Staff Appreciation and Recognition in October. The same continues to ring true.

Issuetrak will see a change of scenery by Spring, with headquarters relocation from our beloved Norfolk to upbeat Virginia Beach. Many of you readers can relate when we say that uprooting from our office nest of several years is no easy feat. 

Emma has made it easy for all of us. From discovering the best new location to orchestrating the move—down to the furniture—she has played an integral part in making Issuetrak’s physical transition possible. 

Were these tasks listed in her job description? No. Did she shy away from these duties? Not a chance. As in previous interviews, Emma shows she is devoted to supporting a team that gives the same support in return to each of its members.

When you consider what it means to be a company’s backbone, take a look at how your worker bees operate from the inside out. Does your team do whatever it takes to move things forward for everyone’s benefit? We take great pride in knowing our values—which are so visible to our external stakeholders—penetrate deeply into the core of our internal team circle. 

The internal is external when it comes to staff recognition. The care we share for our team and partners repeatedly manifests itself in our actions, as often seen with Emma. No star shines brighter than the one that reflects itself. Thank you, Emma, for the supportive reciprocity and care you show every day!

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