December STARs: A Dazzling Finish to 2022

Our monthly Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Award has two happy recipients for a festive December. Thank you, Tom Hrabchak and Travis Jepsen, for your monumental efforts in making Issuetrak the collaborative force it should be!

All members of our team are growth and group-oriented, so it’s no surprise when one of us comes rushing to another’s aid when we cry for help. But this month, Tom and Travis stand out for their willingness to lend a helping hand at any time of day.

Tom works miracles with Cloud, while Travis serves as a part of our air-bending Technical Support team. Not only do they ensure a stellar experience for customers, but they are also incredible assets to our team internally. When we need it, both Tom and Travis are unafraid to dig into the information we need to make sure our customers are well taken care of. 

“You never make us feel like a burden, although we can be quite needy,” one teammate jokes. “Your assistance plays a huge role in Issuetrak's success and we wouldn't be where we are without you.”

One of our other teammates speaks up: “I feel like anytime I have a question—I have a bad habit of immediately messaging Tom!” 

The same sentiment echoes across the team. We don’t mean to pester our friends in Support, but we can’t help turning to Tom and Travis for help. They are two gems, always responsive and helpful.

A typical scenario of our devoted Issuetrak team: it’s 6:30 at night, well after office hours, and both the customer and support specialists are working hard to produce a perfectly customized site. Yet Tom and Travis have been working with them since 3:30, still smiling.

This isn’t news to us, as shown in this comment from another member of the team: “Tonight I sold a site with a webform. The customer wanted everything turned around lightning-quick and needed additional support.”

Sometimes our heads spin turning out the perfect Issuetrak product for our customers. We enjoy the buzz, of course, but it’s more of a testament to the good nature and work ethic of our Support team.

In November, Carman Mak with Philadelphia District Attorney's Office commented: “Travis Jepsen was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional and thorough in resolving the manner in a methodical way.”

Travis' reply reflects each of our own sentiments about working here: "There are so many people here doing great things and I am honored to be a part of the team."

Recently, IT consultant Innovatia gave Tom equally heart-rending accolades regarding their prem-cloud migration, (which Tom helped them with late last Thursday night...go figure!):

"Thank you for the quick turnaround in getting us up and running over what I can only imagine as a super busy time for you, and with the holidays thrown in, it must have been even more so. Kudos to you and your team, everyone here is very impressed."

Scores of applause to you both, from inside and outside Issuetrak. Thank you, Tom and Travis, for helping Issuetrak finish out 2022 and roll out the New Year in style.

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