Summer STAR: June Staff Recognition

Leaping into summer, we’re thrilled to announce that a member of our highly talented yet underrated development team has won June’s Staff Appreciation and Recognition STAR award. Congratulations Drew Carpenter for your extraordinary efforts!

We nominated Drew for his keen ability to dissect difficult technical jargon and apply solutions at breakneck speed. Issuetrak uses a variety of document types for tools and utilities—not all of which are easy to understand. It’s no walk in the park to decipher complex code, and it absolutely takes a certain kind of mindset to comprehend it.

Yet, somehow, Drew manages easily.

Having grown up attending techy summer camps, robotics courses, a computer-building class, and even a youth training on webpage development at Old Dominion University, Drew’s affinity for solving puzzling problems hands-on now pays off in his everyday role as an Issuetrak Software Engineer.

“From a young age, I always dug into documentation with a hands-on approach to solving any problems I encountered: why my game wouldn’t run, how to re-install Windows many, many times, how to get rid of a virus on my computer from music I shouldn’t have been downloading…” He chuckles. 

Thank goodness Drew got started early. His attention to detail and cryptic superpowers not only earns him Issuetrak’s staff recognition award this month; it also gives our whole development team a competitive edge unseen amongst our competitors.

Drew’s day-to-day involves incorporating other technologies, like AWS, 0Auth, and the .NET framework or latest version, into the process of developing Issuetrak’s help desk software product. 

But when he’s not employing his code-savvy on the job, he’s usually dividing his time between the chore of mowing the lawn and a pastime of playing Magic the Gathering (which, for those who don’t know, entails a constant battle of deciphering how cards interact with or cancel each other out). 

No wonder Drew performs his profession so well—his mind never ceases solving puzzles, even in his downtime.

Drew’s beautiful sense of humor shines through his (what some may call tedious) work. After teasing that the STAR award is a popularity contest that he happened to win this month, he asserts that it serves as a wonderful recognition of the talents, skills, and contributions offered by Issuetrak’s greatest assets: its people.

Thank you and congratulations again, Drew, for the tremendous dedication you put into our product and company culture. 

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