Carve A Constellation In Your Pumpkin For This Month’s STAR Award

We’re carving stars into our jack-o-lanterns for October’s STAR Award winner, Emma! Her 7 years running with Issuetrak, currently as Senior Operations Coordinator, have been (and continue to be) memorable—not to mention how things have run smoother with her indispensable knack for numbers behind the finance scenes.

Emma may spend a lot of her spare time persuading her young daughter to wear shoes, but at Issuetrak, she is a serious go-getter and hard worker. Emma is also zero frills and slightly camera-shy when it comes to her well-earned award:

I do everything I do—plus any extras—because we all help each other out when it’s needed. I like my job—and like any job, it has hard and busy moments. But we are a team and family. Everyone is always there to support me if I need it, so it’s easy to be there whenever someone else needs it.

Despite her self-professed “awkwardness” at winning, we certainly can’t shy away from recognizing her versatile contributions to the company. How many hats can you wear at a job like hers? Her devotion to helping the team whenever and wherever we need has made us lose count.

Her duties deal a lot with our CRM database, overseeing expense reports and performing finance tasks.

Our Operations team had their own ways to thank Emma specifically, too:

Emma performs her job description—but what’s notable, what we celebrate, is the exceptionalism with which she performs tasks and duties. She is the backbone of our Operations and never backs down from taking those duties on. Her unyielding support, availability to answer questions, and determination to help get things done make her STAR-worthy.

Yet, although happily buried in the database much of the day, she never disregards an opportunity to be available to the team, taking time to explain details about reporting or—and she really goes above and beyond here—to answer any questions about Issuetrak operations to staff members, new and old.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence, your team-player support, and your unwavering loyalty to your team, Emma.

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