Women in Tech: A Force to Reckon With

Women make up 47% of all employed adults in the U.S., yet they hold only 25% of computing roles, according to 2016 data from the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).  For tech companies in search of talent, this is an excellent opportunity.

Attracting and retaining top talent involves supporting diversity in the workforce. It’s a win for companies, too. Having diverse groups of gender and race at your company helps you create a product or service that accurately reflects your consumer base.

With a number of female employees and customers in managerial positions, we value their input into our culture, service, and product. Hear what some of our female leaders at Issuetrak have to say:

Uplifting Women in Tech Careers

Alex Goolie, Director of Customer Operations

Alex-G-about-headshotMy choice of a technology-related career was primarily motivated by my love of solving puzzles and learning new things. Staying on top of shifts in the tech industry naturally pushes you to freshen and sharpen your skills, which, in turn, helps you remain competitive. A big plus is working on a team, collaborating, and innovating!

Women in leadership roles can impact company performance.

Research from Frank Recruitment Group unveiled that the majority of Fortune 500 companies helmed by a female CEO are more profitable than male-led ones, with 87% reporting above-average profit margins in 2021.

McKinsey and Co. in a Harvard Business Review article discussed findings that late 20th-century female-led countries economically outperformed male-led ones. As Malala Yousafzai claims, expanding workforces to include females will logically double a nation’s GDP.  If it works for a whole country, it’ll work for a company.

Vicky Aldridge, Assistant Controller

vicky-headshot-email-sigI am inspired daily by the women in tech with whom I've worked and connected. Not only are women breaking through in the industry with their dedication, hard work, and raw talent. They are banding together to share their knowledge and experiences to prepare younger generations entering the workforce to contribute meaningfully to the industry. Witnessing the success of others has motivated me to expand my knowledge base further into the technology industry.

But how do you hold on to top-talent women and give the employee recognition they deserve? What does it mean to “support women in the workplace”? It all comes down to the work environment, how you treat people, and how you foster open and welcoming company culture.

Lisa Cockrell, Director of Development

lisa-smallBeing one of two females in a class of 30 during college was formative for me. Once, I was excluded from a meeting of senior developers because they "forgot" about me. These kinds of issues are a problem of the past now. Times have changed and the industry is evolving. At Issuetrak, we work in a sexist-free environment. I am highly respected and not "looked down on" for being a woman. 

Encouraging equality from management downward sets examples and expectations for an entire body of workers—not to mention normalizing female staff recognition at work.

Change has to come from the bottom up, too. Individuals must work hard against their ingrained biases, aka not forgetting their female counterparts.

Moreover, females have to get out of the gladiator ring. We are stronger propping each other up rather than kicking each other down. Building a work environment united in gender equality values ultimately builds team strength, company cohesiveness, and general progress towards common company goals—like creating an incredible world of AI or, ahem, making money.

Taylor Ross, Chief Operations Officer

taylor-smallBeing a woman in tech has taught me to look through a new lens that focuses on being problem-solvers, not problem-finders. I enjoy building an inclusive and diverse team with members from all walks of life and backgrounds. We are unique and driven to make our mark in what was once a male-dominated industry.

We’ll close with a bit of optimism shared by another female team member, hoping our continued courage will inspire you in your quest for equality.

Paula McDonough, Account Manager

paula-headshot-email-sigI love that the once narrow-minded view of "women in tech" is becoming the new "norm"! In an ever-changing world, we have become dependent on technology.  Supporting organizations, big and small, is rewarding and continues to motivate women to seek a career in technology.

Are you a female building your tech career?

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