Hospital Complaint and Process Management [Infographic]

Patient safety and comfort should be a hospital's top priority. When a patient has a negative experience at a hospital or needs to voice a concern about the quality of their care, it’s important to have a system in place for case management and timely responses. Using an effective hospital complaint software for streamlining processes and organizing complaints helps hospitals stay on top of their work, answer inquiries more quickly, and resolve more patient cases.

Issuetrak helps hospitals define their procedures for dealing with complaints and manage the necessary steps from start to finish, ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Case Management

With dozens of patients moving through hospitals each day, cases can easily pile up. Issuetrak helps hospitals stay organized by documenting every level of a complaint investigation: from creation to resolution to all the steps in between. Date and time stamps help administrators see the speed at which every case moves down the pipeline and capture the precise moment of their closure

Up-to-Date Incident Process

A good case management software keeps involved parties updated on a complaint’s status and aware of its proximity to resolution. Issuetrak’s auto-assign feature allows hospitals to assign cases to particular employees completely hands-free: that way, the right eyes see the right information every time and nothing slips by unnoticed.

Organizational Efficiency

Hospital support teams can increase productivity by using effective organizational tools. Issuetrak allows staff to automate parts of the support process, meaning there’s no need to manually move the complaint along as staff complete tasks. With plenty of tracking capabilities, employees can rest assured that their processes have been fully documented, their t’s have been crossed, and their i’s have been dotted.

Total Visibility

Hospitals should stay as transparent in their complaint resolution process as possible. Using an incident management software like Issuetrak keeps patients updated with automated emails so they know exactly where their submission is in the queue at all times.

These examples describe just the beginning of what a workflow and complaint management software like Issuetrak can do for hospital teams. See the infographic below to learn more:


hospital complaint management infographic