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5 Reasons Why Customer Feedback Is Important

All businesses that serve customers can expect to receive feedback at some point — both positive and negative. As daunting as it may be to hear feedback from clients, especially negative comments, customer feedback is for organizations — yes, even the criticism! Collecting feedback is a surefire way to find out which of your companies’ Read More »

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Maintaining Strong Customer Support Despite Distance

After a long year working safely from home, Issuetrak has begun the gradual transition back into an office environment. For some of us the time in quarantine was not dramatically different from our time in the Issuetrak office, other than the change in scenery and the lack of coworkers. Others, however, found the transition incredibly Read More »

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Issuetrak Fits the Bill for Utilities Management

Water, gas, electric: utilities are an essential part of every home, and utility companies work around the clock ensuring that lights turn on, sinks flow, stoves operate, and more. With so many accounts for each utility provider to keep track of, organization becomes a priority. But even the most diligent company can experience slip-ups now Read More »

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Our 24-Hour Commitment: Issuetrak for Crisis Management

We are living in difficult times right now. As shops and restaurants close their doors and streets become empty, so much is uncertain. In the face of these unknowns, it is important for us to band together and be there for one another. Our communities are relying more than ever on the support of businesses’ Read More »

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Issuetrak for Finance: Stay on Top of Requests, Updates, and More

The Issuetrak Finance department handles a number of processes for the company, including processing transactions with customers and making administrative updates internally. With a wide span of both internal and external customers, keeping track of tasks, accounts, and daily maintenance can quickly get overwhelming. That’s why the team turns to Issuetrak to help them stay Read More »

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Why Customer Surveys Are Important for Your Organization

Whether your end users are customers or members of your own organization, collecting and analyzing feedback remains essential to providing excellent customer service. Keeping an ear open to comments not only earns your users’ trust, but it puts your team in a position to understand and manage problems all the more quickly. Running your survey Read More »

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Handling Customer Complaints in an Online Era

When a customer has a complaint about your organization, picking up the phone or sending an email won’t always be their first move. It’s become more and more common for customers to go public when a problem occurs; social media and review sites like Yelp provide individuals with an enormous audience and can be used Read More »

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Why Multichannel Support Is Key

There’s no denying that we live in an online world. We may wake up and check our phones for emails and text messages, go to work and sit at a laptop all day, then relax with a tablet to read and browse the internet in the evening. With so many devices at our fingertips each Read More »

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