Improve Collaboration Across Departments using Customer Messaging Software

It’s important to keep all departments on the same page when solving customer problems. A centralized ticketing system fosters interdepartmental collaboration and builds better business and customer relationships. 

7 Strategies for Interdepartmental Collaboration 

1. Communication.

Improve collaboration with communication apps, task management, visibility permissions, customer communication workflows, and other useful software features.

2. Eliminate costly inefficiencies.

Eliminate costly inefficiencies that waste time, labor, and money. Free up time and empower employees to complete projects using their most proficient skill sets. With an all-in-one customer messaging platform, you can reduce tedious manual overhead with automations including alerts, round robin ticket assignment, ticket status, and email-to-ticket generation.

3. Stay on top of ticket volume.

Be rid of painstaking bottlenecks or redundancies that prevent workers from efficiently serving their customer base. Make use of a customer messaging tool that includes a task manager and service-level agreements to stay on top of ticket volume.

4. Streamline processes.

Streamline onboarding processes with a well-kept knowledge base for customers and employees alike, ensuring company cohesion and a consistent customer experience across the board.

5. Create repeatable workflows.

Create repeatable processes and checklists for all workflows, so that every department delivers compliantly and on time. Customize your processes within the software product to fit your business model.

6. Manage IT requests.

Ensure IT requests are assigned to the appropriate users without delay. Automated alerts, task assignment, and compliance deadlines guarantee constant attention to an issue until it’s resolved.

7. Compliance.

Make use of audit trails, records, and reporting to stay on top of stringent compliance regulations.

Top Benefits of a Customer Messaging Platform

Issuetrak software creates harmonious unity between departments in various ways:

Prioritizing urgent issues over minor ones: Your frontline customer care can assign tags to incoming tickets, enabling them to handle requests by priority, type, assignee, etc. Even in the case of employees, complaints or requests get categorized and dealt with by urgency.

Task Management: The needed tasks are delegated to the appropriate agent. Skills-based routing plays a crucial role in accomplishing a high volume of ticketed requests within a designated time frame. Whether this requires HR to gracefully manage a complaint or finance to adjust a bill, Issuetrak uses automation to inform the right parties to act.

Meeting and serving customers where they are: With omni-channel communications, you get the details upfront and quickly achieve the results your customers need. Inserting a webform anywhere on your site is useful for immediately collecting queries - on your customers’ terms.

Strong reporting capabilities: Using the full scope of Issuetrak’s reporting tools will keep your teams on top of progress and productivity. Tracking your best and worst results will help you continually build your customer satisfaction standards.

Keeping colleagues in the loop with thousands of practical integrations: Issuetrak uses Zapier to integrate thousands of useful tools at users' fingertips. Popular applications like Slack help departments easily communicate in regards to any customer issues, while others like Azure AD maintain identity management  security and protection of customer records.

Easy-to-update knowledge bases for organization-wide practices:  Maintain consistency across your organization with documented processes, information, and instructions within your customer messaging platform that will serve as easy reference for customers and employees.

Departments that Benefit from Issuetrak

  • HR
  • IT
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Legal
  • Development
  • Customer Operations
  • Complaints Handling
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • And more!

Learn how 5 departments collaborate using Issuetrak.

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Download our infographic.

Overall, when your departments smoothly work together, your organization’s practices flow smoothly and your customer relationships improve. The use of software simply eases the burden on your workers and enables them to serve customers better, one automation feature at a time.


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