What’s the Best Way to Survey Customers? Make it Easy!

Introduction to Surveys

Without surveys, it would be impossible to pinpoint when your team has done well and where they have fallen short.

That’s where surveys come in. Businesses across all industries can easily and efficiently collect honest feedback, opinions, and responses from their customers and employees using surveys…but it’s not enough to simply collect data. The real recipe for customer success lies in what you do with your data.

According to LearnMonkey, an acceptable Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score falls between 25% to 50%. How does your average CSAT compare? Do you know what it is? This valuable information you can use to improve operations and discover new development opportunities for your products or services, and even team members.

How to Choose a Survey Platform

You have your pick of the litter when it comes to third-party survey platforms — but do you really want to add yet another application to your tech stack? Another platform your team has to navigate to and from?

A single source is easier and overall more efficient – wouldn’t you agree? Issuetrak's integrated Surveys module enables you to take advantage of this valuable data gathering resource from one location — your Issuetrak site. You choose when and how often you want to send surveys. Want a survey sent out automatically after an issue is resolved — done!

Just to demonstrate the power of surveys…our partners spoke up and we listened! Here’s what we’ve learned from our customers about the level of service they’ve received from our Technical Support team.

Understanding Customer Satisfaction

No news is good news, right? Not when it comes to customer satisfaction. It’s tempting to rest on our laurels and assume that only negative feedback is worth our time; even silence can be telling of your customer’s experience. What are your customers not telling you?

When asked about how Issuetrak uses its own Surveys module, CEO Dan Flowers had this to share:

“We read every comment and we have a meeting to discuss why we got the comment, good or bad. If the customer takes the time to comment, we also take time to analyze every step of that issue. Even if the customer said it was a good experience, we want to ensure that it actually met our standards of excellence.”

In addition to qualitative data, using surveys to calculate your average Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score is another way to measure progress; it can give you a general idea of how well your team is performing and the calculation is easy.

Let’s say you received 25 survey responses and 15 indicated that they had a positive service experience. The CSAT score, according to HubSpot, would be 60% (15 positive responses / 25 total responses = .60 x 100 = 60%).

Do you know the average CSAT score for your industry? HubSpot further points out that many industries hover around 75-80% customer satisfaction.

That’s why we never miss an opportunity to celebrate our Technical Support team when they consistently average above 98% customer satisfaction month after month and have even achieved 100% from time to time!

What to Expect from Issuetrak

Our Customer Success team is eager to help you explore how Issuetrak’s Surveys module will improve your current surveys (or the lack thereof).

Have you seen the new look?

UI/UX Enhancements

While the feature set hasn’t changed, the Surveys module’s UI now fits in with the rest of Issuetrak. This modern design makes survey management far less of an eyesore. From customer support surveys to employee onboarding questionnaires, the possibilities are endless.

  • Want to learn more about your employees’ training needs? Send a survey.
  • Want feedback on your latest company meeting? Send a survey.
  • Want automated surveys sent when a request is closed? You guessed it — surveys!


There’s not much to add here because we’ve maintained the same great functionality, but it’s a lot easier on the eyes and available in dark mode!

Whether you want to send something standalone or associate results to a specific issue, the Surveys module provides the flexibility to find out what you want, how you want it. It’s that easy!


If you’re an existing Issuetrak customer, you could have access to the module within one business day! Contact your account manager today to request your complimentary trial.

Are you new to Issuetrak? When you're ready to see Issuetrak’s Survey module in action, our Product Experts will be ready to spring into action!

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