Why Customer Surveys Are Important for Your Organization


Whether your end users are customers or members of your own organization, collecting and analyzing feedback remains essential to providing excellent customer service. Keeping an ear open to comments not only earns your users’ trust, but it puts your team in a position to understand and manage problems all the more quickly.

Running your survey through Issuetrak’s Survey Module, an add-on module fully integrated with your Issuetrak site, makes creation and submission that much easier.

Not convinced your team would benefit from running a customer survey? Read on to find out some of the most important advantages:

Hear Directly From Your Clients

Don’t guess at what your customers are thinking -- ask them directly! There’s no one more in tune with your customers’ needs than they are. You’re ignoring a vital resource for your organization by not collecting and leveraging their feedback.

Surveys are excellent tools for information gathering; they take relatively little time, can be completed online at your users’ leisure, and compile the most important information for you in an easily-analyzable repository. Using a survey builder makes the survey creation process as easy as clicking a button; you can quickly gain a wealth of customer information for very little effort on your team’s part. Issuetrak's Survey Module offers extensive customization options, 21 different types of questions, and numerous reporting options to visualize both individual responses and summary reports.

With a well-crafted survey, your team can not only measure customer satisfaction but learn exactly what customers appreciate most about your organization’s services. Use survey results to drive marketing initiatives, highlight your team’s strongest elements, and more.

Identify and Fix Shortcomings

No one enjoys hearing negative feedback, but listening to customer comments can be the most direct way to pinpoint areas that need work at your organization. Providing an outlet for your customers to voice their opinions strengthens your company by highlighting areas of improvement and demonstrates to users that you’re listening to their voices -- a win-win.

Surveys provide an effective way of collecting negative feedback. Create direct, clear questions for your survey and allow open-ended responses from customers to gather the most useful information. Then use those responses to build a plan of improvement for your business and tackle customer problems head-on.

Stay Updated on End Users’ Needs

When working with surveys, remember that things can and do change quickly. Your customers’ opinions may shift over time, or your team may develop new questions to ask clients over time. Rather than sending a survey once and being done with it, it’s important to send regular surveys to stay updated, record changes, and continue learning.

While it’s not necessary to send surveys out overly frequently, asking for feedback once or twice a year can ensure up-to-date information on how your customers are feeling. Certain programs even allow you to schedule or auto-send surveys, ensuring that customers can submit their experiences every time feedback becomes relevant. The Issuetrak Survey Module lets you sync up survey emails with issue closures (every time or after a certain number of issues), as well as with issue type and substatus.

The first step to sending out a customer survey is creating one -- and with Issuetrak’s Survey Module, survey creation has never been more intuitive. The module allows you to create and customize surveys, draft and send invitation emails, and report on results all within your Issuetrak site.

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