Launching now: Issuetrak 15.3 with a More Modern Surveys Module

NORFOLK, Va. — With the release of version 15.3, Issuetrak, a leading Norfolk-based ticketing software company, now offers a reimagined Surveys module featuring a modern user interface along with an optional dark mode setting.

Issuetrak launched its all-in-one help desk software in the early 2000s. The release of version 14 completely revolutionized the software’s UI/UX, and now, with the release of version 15.3, the Surveys UI fits in with the rest of Issuetrak better than ever before. 

“Version 15.3 unified the appearance and intuitiveness of the product by focusing on our Surveys module that hasn't had a refresh in some time,” said Noel Lucas, Issuetrak’s Director of Technology. “We are excited for the new look and its inclusion of dark mode.” 

According to Statista, the average mid-size business has approximately 110 applications in its tech stack. Issuetrak’s Surveys module eliminates third-party survey products and reduces the strain that towering tech stacks can create for businesses. Additionally, Issuetrak’s built-in dark mode is accessible across the entire platform, eliminating the need for a dark mode browser extension.

“Issuetrak's Surveys module is a powerful tool. It allows customers a great deal of variability to collect data, measure customer satisfaction, as well as complaints, and make data-driven business decisions,” said Dan Flowers, Issuetrak’s CEO. “It was time for a much-needed facelift and we hope to see customers further embrace the full power of surveys in the future.”

Over the course of 2022 and beyond, Issuetrak's development team plans to continue expanding and perfecting the Issuetrak customer experience. To learn more about upcoming releases, features, and upgrades, visit Issuetrak's Product Roadmap.

About Issuetrak

Based in Norfolk, Va., Issuetrak is a leading provider of ticketing software perfect for help desks, complaint management, customer support, and more. First released in 2000, its signature software package has become a robust workflow automation and process optimization platform. The company has won numerous industry awards, including Small Business of the Year and multiple Inc. 500/5000 placements, and is a three-time winner of the Inside Business 'Best Place to Work' awards. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner. For more information, visit

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