What’s Issuetrak Watching This Month?

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Looking for something new to binge? We asked our staff what they’ve been watching lately -- from new shows on Netflix to educational Youtube channels they’re learning from.

“I’m streaming 'Adam Savage's Tested' on Youtube. Adam is a great story teller and an amazing builder/creator. Always enjoy his take on things or just seeing him build something.” - Noel Lucas, Director of IT

“Streaming Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Paramount+. We're sort of binge watching it? We're watching 3 episodes in a sitting, once or twice a week. Does that count as binge watching?” - Lee Perkins, Sr. Software Engineer

“I’ve been watching a combination of Rex Krueger, Fishers Shop, and Stumpy Nubs. I’m learning some woodworking stuff!” - Kevan Rosenstock, Tech Support Analyst

Ragnarok on Netflix. It's another take on Norse mythology but with modern plot lines like climate change!” - Vicky Aldridge, Assistant Controller

Sweet Tooth was both...uh...sweet and scary at the same time. The cliffhanger ending to season 1 leaves me hoping that Netflix renews it so the story can be wrapped up. And given how much I enjoyed WandaVision, I am very much looking forward to diving into Loki.” - Jon Rivera, Director of Product Management

“Bo Burnham's INSIDE might be the best example of what life was like in 2020. A one-man shot, directed and edited production, INSIDE deals with a range of themes from depression, relationships, and self-reflection to the effects of the internet and how it impacts our perspective and behavior. It isn't just a comedy special (in fact it hardly is), it's a hilarious yet very real look inside all of us during our most difficult year to date.” - Andrew Geraci, UI/UX Designer

“I really like A Million Little Things because it’s a more realistic depiction of what happens to a group of friends after your 20s.” - Sarah Buchholz, Social Media Coordinator

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