Using Issuetrak to Meet Your Compliance Needs


Each industry has their own set of standards and requirements. Whether you’re tracking complaints, audit findings, or other regulatory standards, it helps to have a software program in place to manage those items.

Here’s how Issuetrak can help:

Ease of Use

Simple interface makes tracking all your complaints from submission to resolution easy. Everything is stored on the complaint record for easy viewing. Submission templates make it easy for any staff member to quickly log a call.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Capture and track data unique to your complaints. Create an unlimited number of fields to collect information specific to Title IX, Clery Act, or other compliance standards.

Detailed Reporting

View key metrics on open complaints with a graphical Dashboard. Design and share custom queries and reports on any available field.

Multiple Methods of Submission

Receive complaints via webform, email, phone call, or from direct access to the portal. Anyone can submit a complaint - customers, students, staff, or employees.

Improve Customer Support

Email acknowledgements and updates keep everyone in-the-know, improving awareness and increasing your support satisfaction.

Single Repository

Every complaint or concern is stored in Issuetrak, making it the single source for reporting. All communications, attachments, and assignment history are stored in one place for easy access and retrieval.

Direct and Timely Resolution

Automatically assign your complaints based on specific criteria. Workflows alert stakeholders about status updates, or if the complaint sits open or idle too long.


Make sure that only those that need to view the complaint can. Automatically restrict access to view complaints, knowledge base articles, dropdown values, and specific fields based on permissions and access rules.

Process Management

Incorporate step-by-step guidelines and checklists to control your processes. Handle different types of complaints with unique and tailored workflows.  

If you're ready to see similar results at your business or organization, Issuetrak is the solution for you. Talk to one of our Product experts about how how Issuetrak can help manage your complaint and compliance requirements today. 

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