Three Things to Look for in Complaint Management Software


You’re dedicated to giving your clients the best service possible, and that requires a simple and efficient way to collect feedback. Perhaps you’ve been relying on email to field comments up until now, but as your organization and customer base grows, you’ll soon find that using an inbox simply won’t cut it.

Still, switching from a manual complaint management system like email to an all-inclusive complaint management software solution can be daunting. How do you know you’re investing in a good product? Will your team take to the new change? Will the interface be easy for your clients to navigate?

To help you, we’re found three key qualities you should keep in mind when choosing a complaint management solution. These are the things you need to prioritize in your software search:

Hassle Free Buying Experience

Purchasing a new software often involves doing some heavy research, including combing through websites to find pertinent information. It's easy to experience information overload. And if you haven’t worked with complaint management software before, the influx of information is doubly confusing.

The best way to learn more about a software solution is to talk to those who know it best. While reference materials can help make a decision, there’s nothing like having your questions answered in real time. In Issuetrak’s case, our experts are ready and willing to chat with you regardless of where you are in your purchasing journey. They’ll walk you through the software step by step, demo the important features for you, and work with you collaboratively on a price quote that most closely fits your organization’s budget and needs.

Simple Onboarding and Guided Configuration

You’ve made your decision and purchased your software. Now what? It’s time to educate your team on the new system, begin configuring the software for your organization’s needs, and get down to business. It’s a lot to get done all on your own. Some software companies stop assisting after the click of the “purchase” button, leaving customers to figure things out on their own. This approach can lead to lost time and money as supervisors struggle to learn the product themselves as they educate their team.

Issuetrak provides hands-on assistance to every customer in the form of a Jump Start session with our Professional Services team. Within the first 90 days of purchase, customers meet with our experts and learn more about the software and its features, as well as how best to implement the software and begin using it. Our Pro Services experts are happy to provide as much or as little support as your team needs, whether you only need one session or ten. In some instances, they can even fly out to your organization to provide hands-on support with onboarding, employee education, and hands-on configuration.

Continuous Support from an Experienced Team

As time marches on, inevitably your complaint management software will require tune-ups every now and then. When hiccups happen, it’s important to know that you’ll be able to access a responsive, knowledgeable support team whenever you need it. However, not all software companies provide this sort of round-the-clock, timely service to their customers. It’s important to invest in a software solution with support that you can trust.

At Issuetrak, our experts are here for you whenever and however you need. From chat support to phone calls and emails, you’ll get your questions answered as quickly as possible every time. Our Support team will always be present to answer your calls and have been trained to answer your questions, no matter how large or small. Our Product Experts are always happy to schedule time with customers and hop on a call to explain a new feature, help with configuration, provide advice, and more.

Buying and implementing a complaint management solution doesn’t have to be a laborious, time-consuming experience. Issuetrak’s experts help you along the way and allow you to focus on the important things, rather than trudging your way through difficult purchasing and onboarding processes. And their support and expertise will provide you a much stronger return on your investment and save you headaches and stress in the long run!

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