Sunrise Technologies Sheds Light on Customer Support


Sunrise Technologies is a Microsoft partner that specializes in providing solutions and customer support for organizations using Microsoft Cloud programs such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Based in North Carolina, the organization also has divisions in Europe and Asia and manages over 150 employees across their multiple offices.

Business Challenge

The organization’s customer support department had originally been using email and spreadsheets to receive, track, and resolve customer issues. However, the team was having a difficult time communicating efficiently with its many customers and needed a faster, easier way for clients to submit new projects and issues to their team.

“We needed the capabilities of an advanced system to track our issues and facilitate communication with our customers,” said Scott Hambright, Director of Global Customer Support.

Additionally, the team needed a solution that could notify them when customers submitted important or time-sensitive issues into the system. With instant alerts keeping response times short, the team could more easily stay in compliance with the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) they promised to their clients.


After weighing a few other options, Sunrise Technologies quickly chose Issuetrak as their next customer support solution. The application met all of the organization’s major needs right off the bat -- including mobile notifications for keeping everyone in the loop. With an intuitive interface for easy, quick issue submission, Issuetrak could facilitate a faster and more open line of communication between the organization and its customers.

Issuetrak’s affordable price and large suite of features made it even more appealing. The Sunrise Technologies team also appreciated Issuetrak’s proximity to their North Carolina headquarters and its helpful, 24/7 customer support team.

To ease their clients into the change in software, Sunrise Technologies offered training sessions in Issuetrak for each of their existing customers and have provided written training materials for new customers. Armed with plenty of information and usage tips, customers have adjusted to the switch and are now submitting issues through Issuetrak with ease.


After switching to Issuetrak, Sunrise Technologies’ customer service department saw positive change across their department. They now have a much more open, direct line of communication with their customers and are able to respond to inquiries faster and more efficiently. Where emails and spreadsheets could easily become disorganized, leading to lost messages and slow response times, Issuetrak centralizes information and keeps track of requests so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Customers can now easily submit their issues, along with any supporting information and relevant attachments, through the Issuetrak site. An instant notification immediately alerts the right person to begin working on the problem, and email updates keep the customer in the loop as their request moves down the line toward completion.

With a streamlined customer support process in place, Sunrise Technologies has saved their Customer Support department plenty of time and money, and has improved communication with their customer base. Issuetrak has enabled the team to improve their team’s efficiency and provide a higher quality of support to their clients, both current and future.

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