School Transportation Safety for 2023

It’s School Bus Safety Week! While this week is meant to highlight an important feature of school security, we all know school bus safety needs our attention year-round.

In the last decade, children ages 5-10 comprised 24% of school bus-related fatalities. It’s no wonder parents furiously complain and want immediate resolutions when they report a school bus incident. As a school admin, there's no doubt you’d want to take preventative measures, too. And you’d want an efficient reporting system to expedite resolutions to matters before they reach such staggeringly tragic proportions.

Issuetrak has worked with dozens of schools forced to stretch their resources year after year. These same schools have also made miracles happen with incident management software, maximizing staff time while providing peace of mind to concerned parents.

Transform Transportation With Automation

Parent frustration over late or absent buses. A dire driver shortage in the throes of the Covid pandemic. School leadership hesitance over investing more into school transportation...Budgeting constraints and recent inflated operating costs are not in school bus safety's favor.

As a school admin, imagine the time you save if you received transportation safety details in full and up front. Imagine the relief you get by unburdening your daily grind because you sent complaint tickets through a secured, automated process instead.

One Transportation Operations Specialist from Loudoun County Public Schools said,

“[With Issuetrak], we’re offering a 24 hour service that helps us stay on top of what the community wants.”

With a system as simple review-submit-assign, administrators benefit from total visibility, easy delegation, and faster turnaround in any complaint or request process.

If you’re ready to leverage automation now, then toss the sticky notes and spreadsheets aside!

Plenty of fed up school administrators have shopped and scoured the best tactics for streamlining correspondence with parents and school bus drivers, all in an effort to guarantee school transportation safety. But how many acted on their decision once they found the right help desk tool for their transportation communications?

It’s hard to say, but we’re fairly certain many schools have made 1 of 2 mistakes:

They’ve either settled for an inflexible ticketing solution—or they’re at a loss as to where to look.

The 21st century has put schools through a digital revolution. Never before in history has access to information or satisfaction been so immediate. When schools harness the automation their digital databases can provide, they relegate any manual overhead to the power of software. After getting unburied from email threads, what’s stopping them from dispatching real resolutions to core problems? Not spreadsheets, we assure you.

If you’re a school district in need of a better, streamlined procedure (or complaint management system, IT help desk or HR process), the search can end here.


Introducing high volumes of computer technology to your school? You’ll need a highly organized IT team to handle help desk hardware requests! Ffrom your IT help desk to the front desk, you can prevent disorder in ticketing requests.

Start the next 9 weeks afresh with a preemptive help desk and automation on your side.


What You Get When You Document School Bus Incidents With Issuetrak

Choosing the right software makes school bus communications easier and school bus safety that much more dependable. Issuetrak software streamlines your bus incident management with:

  • Automation tools notifying stakeholders–principals, administrators, teachers, drivers—who need to take action
  • A Task Manager guaranteeing every step of your process is fulfilled effectively, from the bus driver to the transportation department
  • An audit trail of the actions your staff took toward resolving a transportation complaint
  • Dashboard reports for tracking trends and identifying problem drivers and stops—so you can prevent transportation issues before they ever have another chance to arise

Being a leading school district in your region for managing requests sounds like a pretty enviable position to stand in—wouldn’t you agree?

Schools are modernizing with student laptops. Is your IT help desk keeping up with demands? We support PC, Mac, and now Chrome and Google devices with our 15.6 Release.


Common Setbacks Schools Face When Configuring Help Desk or Complaint Management

You might be up against a legacy of legwork or incomplete reports holding you up. Maybe you’ve inherited a history of habit and the following statements are all too familiar to you: This is how we’ve always done reporting. It’s too much work to change how we do things.

Guilty as charged?

If this is a monologue you’ve recited many times, then answer this: how many times has your reporting led you to success, efficient turnaround, and lasting resolution in school transportation matters?

If you could confidently handle any school bus complaint or request with ease and give time back to your day—would you do it?

Or are you still working on that, picking up the lag of outdated spreadsheets?

Sticking to what you’ve always done isn’t making bus incidents and complaints more manageable for you. Automation through software, however, will make your school buses safer and parents happier, giving you the upper hand on managing school bus requests from report to resolution.

Other Schools Have Succeeded, So Can You

Dozen of school districts have partnered with us for their issue resolution, community communication and their incident tracking needs:

Stafford County Public Schools guarantees quality control by keeping tabs on all stages of their help desk process.

Newport News Public Schools takes advantage of easy reporting on any school transportation incidents.

Loudoun County Public Schools benefits from webforms to process concerns and complaints on a rotating 24/7 basis.

If you want to auto-convert and categorize complaints better, read more about how to use Webforms here. (Want them but don't have them yet? Start deploying consumer feedback with Webforms today.)


The difference between these successful schools and yours might be as small as a purchasing decision—but have as large-scale effects as a mishandled communication spiral. Luckily, it’s in your control to get ahead of the automation curve and avoid these missteps.

Simplify reporting and make school transportation safer starting now. The power to be a state-wide leading school district is in your hands. Visit our Issuetrak for School Districts page to get faster, better resolutions.

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