How to Keep Government Facilities Humming Along Without Disruption


Managing government offices, facilities and installations is no easy feat, requiring oversight into everything from compliance demands to personnel issues. That's why the U.S. government spends approximately $2 billion each year on office management.

Any kind of disruption could grind operations to a halt, preventing government agencies from providing crucial services and meeting critical objectives. How can government facilities avoid such problems and continue to hum along without interruption? Let's take a look at a few core areas of focus:

Compliance Management

Government offices and installations face rigid compliance demands compared with even the most stringent private sector regulations like PCI DSS. Adhering to such stipulations regarding every aspect of operation can be strenuous, and it's common for certain tasks to fall off the radar and go unaddressed.

Facilities that fail to account for every detail and meet compliance goals could face harsh repercussions. Office managers should create a comprehensive checklist of every item that needs to be tackled in order to remain compliant. Issue tracking solutions can help team members further, by providing a framework to monitor progress and identify any outstanding assignments.

Facilities Requests

Every detail matters when setting up government offices for success. That means basic office supplies like pen and paper as well as more complex assets such as computers, laptops, tablets or more specialized items must be readily available when needed.

The speed and efficiency with which office managers requisition such supplies can make all the difference for their staff's productivity. Facilities requests must be executed quickly and accurately to provide government employees with whatever tools they need to do their jobs effectively. If this process drags on, affecting other personnel, organizational delays won't be far behind.

Office leaders must keep a sharp eye on facilities requests to ensure every open job is assigned and progressing in a timely fashion.

Office managers need to keep staff members equipped with everything they need to do their jobs.Office managers need to keep staff members equipped with everything they need to do their jobs.


Human Resources Documentation

In a perfect world, every employee would tackle their job with equal parts enthusiasm and proficiency. Government office managers don't live a perfect world, however, and sometimes individual staff members can drag the whole facility down.

Whether employees are error-prone, unproductive, unprofessional or downright toxic, government agencies need to document problems whenever they occur. This way, human resource teams can easily identify repeat offenders and escalate issues that are particularly egregious. Issue tracking solutions can be hugely helpful in these scenarios, enabling HR members to comprehensively monitor complaints and ensure that every single one reaches a resolution.

Operational delays can be costly, but a little more attention to detail can help government office managers avoid them. Some problems will always be outside of your control, but for those that aren't, keep a close eye on them with the help of issue tracking software.

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