Fun Friday: The Many Pets of Issuetrak


It's National Take Your Dog to Work Day today, but at Issuetrak we're celebrating all of our pets -- dogs, cats, and beyond! Every day is Take Your Pet to Work Day when you've been working from home. Let's meet some of the four-legged friends of our staff.


This is Blitz "Buddy" Bou. He's been with us for 10 years and my boss for 9. Besides supervising my working from home and ordering me around (he has me trained pretty good), he enjoys spying on the neighbors and howling along with fire engine sirens, interestingly, not police or ambulance sirens, only fire trucks. - Noel Lucas, Director of IT


This is Iris, she is a little princess that likes to fetch her toy. She did bring a live one in the house - that was an evening adventure like no other, trying to catch it. - Alex Goolie, Director of Technical Operations


Smokey loves to help me work and demands pettings in payment. - Lee Perkins, Sr. Software Engineer


My little stinky boy Bailey. He will be 17 in July and is asking for a new car since he got his license last year. - Julian DeLuca, Senior Tech Support Analyst

First and foremost, Stormy likes to eat. She also likes getting pettings, watching birds and squirrels through the patio door, and occasionally watching nature documentaries. - Dawn Duck, Tech Support Analyst


This is Ranger "Ranger Boy" and he just turned 3.  He loves doggie day care and the beach.  Such a good boy.  We are blessed to have him. - Patrick Triscritti, Senior Tech Support Analyst


This is Harley. She rules this entire household and she knows it, but she's a pretty fluffy sweetheart who likes everyone she meets. - Tom Hrabchak, Cloud Administrator


Meet Mishka (22 months) and Niki (10 years). Mishka is our outdoor and anything that moves lover. Twice now she has brought her squirrel kills into the house to show us her prizes. She has found at least 2 snapping turtles trying to crawl under our back fence. Niki loves the summer sun and laying on the deck but don’t even think about it if it is wet out. - Vicky Aldridge, Assistant Controller


This is my girl, Cada, and her brother, Teese. The Force is strong with the boy dog! Last pic is the two of them modeling the new scarfs that mommy knitted for them! - Lisa Cockrell, Director of Development & ScrumMaster 


This is Roxy, our 3 year old boxer mix that we rescued last year. She has been a great work from home companion who makes sure I get out for a walk at lunchtime to get my steps in for the day. The rest of the day you’ll catch her napping under my desk. - Sarah Buchholz, Social Media Coordinator


This is Kila, sometimes we call her "Princess Kila" but she's more like the Queen! She's extremely food-motivated and we have to watch her at all times so she won't try to steal our human food. She's also a major cuddle bug -- and extremely fashionable, as you can see! - Ashlyn Frassinelli, Marketing Content Writer

Siegfried (blue/yellow) and Roy (orange). They tend to eye ball you from the top of the tank when you are close and not feeding them. - Emma Wells, Sales Admin


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