Are Your Business Issues Lingering Too Long?


Modern business leaders have more tools than ever at their disposal. However, even with the benefits advanced technology and data analytics bring, common problems remain part and parcel of running a company.

As long as human beings remain essential to business operations, human attitudes and errors will continue to be the root cause of certain issues. The key is resolving such matters before they're allowed to cause significant damage. The question corporate leaders must ask themselves is: Are my business issues lingering longer than they should?

From Common Problem to Major Headache

As an example, consider the realm of customer service. Regardless of industry or market focus, customer service remains essential to business success.

Numerous studies and surveys throughout the years have shown poor service is a primary driver of customer churn. In fact, data shows dissatisfied customers will tell up to 15 people about their negative experience, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs. Approximately 13 percent of dissatisfied customers will tell 20 or more people.

Experts agree resolving customer complaints quickly is essential to effective customer service. However, if you and your employees are unaware of a complaint, handling it in a timely manner isn't an option.

Unfortunately, this is all too often the case.

Meanwhile, if the particular complaint is in regards to an unknown problem, that issue is allowed to grow and fester, likely leading to further customer complaints, damaging businesses' reputations and bottom lines.

Customer complaints can be a huge liability for your business.Customer complaints can be a huge liability for your business.

Changing the Game

No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to prevent all problems from occurring. The longer a business operates, the greater the likelihood it will encounter some kind of damaging issue.

However, with the proper measures in place, you can rest easy knowing you're defended against issues going unnoticed and unresolved.

Issue tracking software makes it simple for problems to be identified, prioritized and assigned for resolution. Not only does resolving issues quickly support enhanced customer service - it also allows businesses to stay on top of potential problems and learn from mistakes, translating to greater efficiency and effectiveness overall.

If you're experiencing customer churn, negative reviews, or lost productivity due to issue management disorganization, it could mean your company problems are lingering too long without being fixed.

Such a scenario should not be the norm, and doesn't have to be.

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