Benefits of Using One Tool to Track Your Business Issues

Written by: Issuetrak

One of the main problems with business technology is not knowing which product or service to use. It can be overwhelming to choose the best fit for your company. Which software tracks my IT issues? Do I need something different for workflow? How about managing customer and employee concerns and complaints?

There are a myriad of packages out there, so which ones are the best at what they do? More importantly, is there one solution that meets all my needs?

The reality is yes, you can find multiple software packages that meet your business needs, but one tool is best, and here are some reasons why:

A Single Resource

Having one place to store all your issues is vital. This allows for everything to be in one place, with everyone having proper access to them. You don’t have to worry about finding the latest email, hunting down a specific sticky note, or panicking when someone accidentally deletes the issue tracking spreadsheet. An issue tracking system also lets managers see who is working on what at any given moment, without having to go hunting or asking several people.

If you need to see previous issues or updates to existing issues, having one single tool helps! Every update is logged into the system, giving you visibility into who made the update, who owned the issue, and how the issue was ultimately resolved - leaving you a detailed paper trail.

Uniform Reporting

Reporting is so important to keep tabs on everything happening within your company. If you use multiple software packages within your company, not all of your reporting will look the same. Certain reports may include exactly what you need, while others produce differently formatted results. And as a manager, if you have someone that works in multiple systems, you have to deal with multiple reports to see their total workload. That adds up to time on your side trying to manually add up all the details.

Having one tool allows reporting to be consistent and easy to collect because you can get it all in one place. Real-time visibility is important in making informed decisions in a timely manner. When information can be accessed instantly from one source, you’re better informed and can make decisions more quickly and accurately.


Maintaining multiple systems as well as any integrations between them opens up a series of operational costs. You wind up working with different vendors that may be on different update  and billing schedules. Each one has a separate pricing structure. And that’s before you think about your employees needing to learn changes to each system every time something changes. And that translates directly into lost productivity each time you have to retrain your employees, which ultimately costs you in the long run.

One tool means only one set of updates, giving you a significant reduction in operational costs and less dealing with vendors. Also, less time spent retraining your employees, saving you both time and money. Time you get back to focus on your actual responsibilities.

Many companies are using one tool to track IT issues, another to log complaints and handle customer support, and still another for facilities and maintenance requests. Or their tools maybe be sticky note and spreadsheets. You need to ask whether either of those tools have the potential to track all your issues. Would one tool meet the needs of each department, or would there be gaps in features and functionality?

That’s where Issuetrak comes in! Issuetrak helps you manage all these issues and more. Plus, instead of making every department fit into a single mold, Issuetrak is flexible and customizable. You can configure Issuetrak to use the workflows, tasks, and other terminology specific to each department’s needs.

Is it time to consolidate your issue tracking, customer support, and process management into a single tool? See how Issuetrak can help you get away from multiple tools, spreadsheets, and sticky notes, by talking to one of our Product Experts today.

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