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Everyone enjoys a fairy tale. But as much as these classic stories are beloved by all, sometimes you can’t help but think about how the events may have changed if the characters had been a bit more organized or efficient. For this Fun Friday, we’ve reimagined three of our favorite fairy tales -- with an Issuetrak twist!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

In this classic tale, the dwarves head into the forest mines every day to look for gems while Snow White tends to their woodland cottage. Though Happy, Sleepy, Doc, and the rest of the gang seem content with their work, their operation could be all the more efficient with an issue tracking solution to handle the details.

With Issuetrak in place, the dwarves can manage their mining assets and ensure their carts, pickaxes, and other tools are right where they’re needed and properly maintained. The software’s highly-configurable Task Management tool lets each dwarf know exactly what he needs to do to get the day’s work done, and lets him check off his task when he’s finished so the next person in line can get their notification to hop in.

Was there a mining injury, or did a piece of equipment break? Issuetrak lets the dwarves submit incident reports with the push of a button to capture all the details. With everything thoroughly handled, the group saves precious hours of work -- maybe even enough to be home in time to save Snow White from that Evil Queen!

Beauty and the Beast

A castle as big as the Beast’s undoubtedly needs routine upkeep and maintenance, even if the staff has all been turned into various furniture and appliances. Organizing and managing that process would be an immense undertaking on pen and paper -- but with issue tracking software, it’s an easy process.

Issuetrak lets the Beast’s servants set up recurring issues to track routine maintenance, as well as auto-assign issues so the right team members receive issues immediately and can get to work as soon as possible.

The castle could group itself into different Departments within Issuetrak based on what tasks they focus on -- such as Kitchen, Grounds, etc. -- for additional organization and to better manage each team’s visibility. They could even establish SLAs and set Escalation Rules to ensure no task or issue sits untended for too long, and then keep track of their response times and other metrics with the software’s intuitive dashboard.

If that level of detail doesn’t help to win Belle’s heart, it’ll at least ensure the castle is spotless!

The Three Little Pigs

With houses made of straw and sticks, it’s no wonder that two of the three little pigs became a snack for the Big Bad Wolf! Laziness and disorganization led them to make their houses out of flimsy materials; if only the pigs had easy access to a tool to help them organize their work, as well as easily reference important documents such as blueprints and local ordinance codes.

Issuetrak helps keep the information centralized in one place for the pigs with a handy Knowledge Base for storing important documentation, permits, and forms. Each builder can easily reference and ensure his home meets all his local standards (including approved building materials and more). Utilizing Task Management helps to keep each step of the building process organized so nobody misses a single important step -- like reinforcing the house’s structure just in case, or installing storm panels to keep out those pesky gale-force winds!

It never hurts to be prepared -- especially when you don’t have the magic of a fairy tale to fall back on. Want to hear more about Issuetrak’s story? Head to our website for all the information, or reach out to our Product Experts for a free, personalized demo!

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