5 Common Tech Company Customer Complaints


Technology companies have transformed how people live today. From hardware and software providers like Apple and Microsoft to industry disrupters like Uber and Airbnb, it gets tougher to imagine the pre-digital world each and every year. In fact, as of 2016, the U.S. tech industry alone was responsible for employing 6.7 million people.

That said, even technology trailblazers must contend with common customer complaints. In a cruel twist of fate, it's our adoption of modern technology that has made consumer grievances more damaging to tech companies.

Review websites, social media and other platforms make it easier than ever for unsatisfied customers to spread negative opinions far and wide. Fortunately, by understanding the most common tech company complaints, businesses can work to address them.

1. Malfunctioning Features

Arguably the most serious complaint against tech companies is the charge that its product or service does not work properly. Whether it's a device or piece of software, tech companies must ensure functionality, especially in an industry rife with competition.

2. Hidden Fees

Tech products and services often come with tiered pricing structures, with more expensive options providing more comprehensive functionality. It's essential for tech companies to make this abundantly clear for consumers. No one wants to purchase something only to find it costs more to access their preferred features.

Overly short technology life cycles are sure to drive consumers crazy.


3. Short Lifecycles

Today's technological breakthrough is tomorrow's trash. Consumers are aware that nearly all technology will one day become obsolete. However, it's important for tech companies to provide products and services that will serve consumer needs for a reasonable amount of time. Technologies with ultra-short lifecycles are likely to leave a bitter taste in customers' mouths.

4. Overpromising Capabilities

Technology companies stand out from the competition by providing products and services that boast greater capability than what's currently available on the market. However, those boasts can lead to customer churn if businesses aren't able to follow through. Whether it's hardware or software, if it doesn't have the promised features, tech companies can count on plenty of angry emails, phone calls and online reviews.

"If a product or service is unable to integrate with other technologies, companies can count on angry emails."


5. Customer Service

Even in today's digital world, many people require a helping hand to fully understand how to use different technology products and services. So while by no means unique to the tech world, poor customer service can be doubly frustrating for consumers in this sector. No one wants to be made to feel stupid or ignored, making customer service key for tech companies.

Tracking Tech Issues

Fortunately for tech companies, technology exists to help resolve customer complaints efficiently and effectively.

Issue tracking software can be used for everything from support requests and quality assurance to bug tracking and creating an archived database of searchable solutions.

Tech company leaders know firsthand how their products and services can make life easier. It only makes sense to invest in issue tracking software that does just that for their businesses. By automating client issue requests and maintaining visibility over all response processes, tech companies can protect both their reputations and their bottom lines.

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